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  1. Hi. I'm sorry to hear that you're a Cubs fan. You know there is still time to join the winning team of Chicago before the season starts. You'll probably deny my request but I just thought I'd throw it out there. Go SOX! No way! Cub's fan for life!
  2. Hi there, I haven't been on here in quite awhile, and I wanted to ask others opinions about dot therapy. I had about a dozen Fraxels over a 2 year period for acne scars, and last week I tried the dot therapy for wrinkles and scars. I'm 54 now, and the wrinkles seem worse than the scars! Anyway, my experience with the dot procedure was quite different than the Fraxel. The pain was much less, but the healing is taking a lot longer. With the Fraxel I had major flaking for about a week afterwar
  3. Sorry, I beat you to it!

  4. I thought I was their number one fan.

  5. One more thing I forgot to tell you, I did the naturopath and homeopath thing, had tons of blood work done, and they never found anything. The best thing the naturopath did was recommend probiotics for me to counter the antibiotics. If you want to PM me, I'll give you the names of them.
  6. Your story sounds very similar to mine. I'm 52, female, and have had acne since I was about 15. I didn't do anything about it for years, and I've been dealing with very bad scarring along with acne. I was on Minocycline for about 7 years, but then I started getting green, bruised looking marks on my legs that didn't go away until I went off the Mino. I switched and have been on 100mg. Doxycycline for a few years. I just happened to get home from the doctor. I went to see him about going
  7. I'm sorry you had such bad side effects from it. I have to really watch it with the sun being on Doxy. I guess I'll call my doctor and see what he says.
  8. Hi there, I've been taking 100mg. Doxycycline for a couple of years now, and was just reading about 40mg.Oracea for acne. It's a time-released version of Doxy, but with less side effects. I was wondering if anyone else out there has tried it for their acne, and has had any success with it.
  9. Hi Chrissy, How in the heck are you? Weren't you trying something else for your scars awhile back? I can't remember what it was. My scars are still there, but there is good improvement that it doesn't bother me as much anymore. I honestly believe it was a gradual thing with every treatment. My last six have been with the Fraxel 2, but I can't say that one Fraxel was better than the other. I'll have to wait and see a few months down the road after this one. My son still tells me that I sho
  10. Thanks, I feel better now. Sometimes I think I read too much into these medical books!
  11. Hi fellow Fraxelers, I haven't been on this board for quite some time, and I have a question for you. Next week I will be getting my 3rd and final Fraxel 2 this winter. I will have had a total of 13 Fraxels over a 2 1/2 year period. According to Dr. Oz, when you have repeated injuries to your body, such as sunburn, the cells are rushing to that spot to repair itself, and if this happens repeatedly, the cells eventually weaken and split in half, thus risking your chance of getting cancer. My
  12. Wow Zonk, I would be a upset if that had happened to me. Very upset. Now I remember why I had a doctor doing these treatments on me. It's been a while since I have been around here but I wanted to log on and say that I have seen some softening of my scars after all this time (over 6 months since my last treament). I am not completely happy with the results and I still think I need another round of treatments but I can't afford it so I will have to settle with the little results I did get
  13. I've had 8 Fraxels and 2 Palomar treatments, and have never had that problem.