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  1. Hi there, I am on holidays right now and I have of course taken my Regimen with me. Last week was going really well but I started breaking out again a couple of days ago. A lot has changed, more food, softer water, colder weather etc, so I will wait to find the culprit. I switched the jojoba oil to rosehip one to try to heal better the scars I have on my right cheek. I know it does not break me out because I used to use it. Apart from that I am still applying the Regimen regiously morning
  2. Hi there! Last days have been quite epic with a lot of work, a bad cold ans Christmas shopping. But now I am back on tracks and best of all holidays are finally coming by the end if the week. I am so eager to see all my family soon even with my acne and current bad scarring So what is new since last time? I was able to increase BP to one pump and a half last Thursday without any further damage. My skin does want to "swallow" that much BP so I have too wait longer for it to dry. Anyway, if i
  3. Today was exhausting. I had to wake up extra early and come back super late because of industrial trials. Sometimes being a scientist is not all about playing in a lab . Anyway the day has gone and I was brave enough to perform my routine twice. My neck seems to be a little better . It still very very pink, it flakes/peel like crazy but for some reason I think it is on its last leg of painfulness. I will be able to increase BP to one pump and half tomorrow for sure which makes me happy. The d
  4. I do not want to discourage you but I want through Accutane for 6 months around your age and it is not a cure for everyone. My acne is (I still have acne in my 30's right now but nothing major) mainly hormonal and even if Accutane will suppress it, it may be only temporary. If I had a chance to go back in time, I would not do it again. I have been clear for maybe 6 months after my treatment but my acne comes back in the end. The only way to control hormonal acne is to control the hormones so
  5. My facial skin seems to be adjusting to the full pump of BP which is really nice . I may be able to increase to one pump and a half on Thursday. It will take me a little longer to be able to use the full amount of BP but I am ok with that. I'd rather wait a lil longer and keep my skin under average control than jump too fast and end up looking like a snake. I do not have that many noticeable actives, maybe 6-7 on my entire face, but I have rather bad hyperpigmentation, especially on my cheeks. E
  6. My neck is still a messy itchy rash . I went to a pharmacy to have a more medicated piece of advice on how to treat that and each time the reaction of the physicists was "ouch". Yes! Ouch... Anyway it seems just a little bit better, it itches still but it starts to peel and the skin underneath seems ok. Other than that, my right cheek has broken out and I have two cysts on my forehead . Right now my acne is slightly worse than when I started the regimen. I have to say I find it really annoying
  7. I do not know either and I hope it will be back soon. It is ay cheaper than all the other methods and less prone to be held by customs for international buyers (at least in Europe)
  8. First of all there is absolutely no way I can keep treating my neck. I have the worst rash ever . I am really happy that it is winter right now so that I can wear shirts and sweaters with high neck line or even a scarf. Anyway it itches every single second of the day and it annoys me like hell. Moreover, it is bright red and it feels like sandpaper :( The skin around my eyes is peeling also... Not really peeling; more like flaking even if I never ever applied BP that close to my eyes. Maybe it
  9. I know that week 2 can be painful but I did not plan it to be that hard on my skin. My skin is tomato red because of irritation especially my neck. I look like I got some light sunburn so there is no way I will increase the BP amount by tomorrow night. It looks ok in term of color with make up but the flakes make it gross I am also a lil annoyed to have discovered at last two indented scars, one on each cheek . There are not that humongous, they look more like enlarged pores but I used to he
  10. My skin is like sandpaper. I loose flakes of skin everywhere and it does not look good at all let me tell you. I used my traditional BB cream and it does not moisturize my skin more than my mineral powder. Dryness has kicked in for sure... My skin itches like hell when I applied BP and even more when I moisturize with my beloved Cetaphil. However it subsides to bearable in a couple of minutes. I did the jojoba "exfoliation" that is described on the forum and it seems to help a little bit to
  11. Back to work today and my skin feels a lil like sandpaper. It is not unbearable by any means but it is not pretty either. The dryness is really kicking in but my breakouts are still slowly but surely fading. My skin is a bit redder mainly from the dryness caused by BP I think. It is kind of weird to think that BP is actually irritating your skin at first which is what we all try to avoid to "cure" our acne... But sometimes it has to get worse before getting better. I meanwhile decided to stop
  12. Well I have not been that great with my routine. I skipped the night time application on Friday night and went straight to bed with my full face of make up on. Really bad I know, but if you mix too much to drink with an unexpected villain ex boyfriend you get the best pic of my mood that day . Anyway my skin did not turn into a gigantic mess the day after and I am back on track... I am still applying a full pump of BP and my skin is really really dry around my mouth and my eye area. I do not re
  13. What more can I say? Nothing really to be honest. I reached one full pump of BP tonight for my bedtime application and it did not change much except it took a lil more massaging to sink in. That being said, no itching, no redness, nothing... I am starting to wonder if it still does something for my skin. The tingling/itching means pimple healing in my opinion so even if I sound like a weirdo saying that, I found it reassuring. Bacteria were dying and I was making progress. As I do not feel that
  14. I have been religiously performing the Regimen for a week and so far so good. My blemishes seem to heal slowly but surely. They have mainly flatten I would say, some of them may already be red spots but for now I do not really care about them. They can so easily be covered by powder foundation. I have not been good about picking today. I reached for my comedon extractor and started damages on my nose and my forehead. Hope these nasties will not get inflamed during the night. Anyway, I will be t
  15. The dryness has finally kicked in. My skin feels so tight when I am smiling. I does not overly hurt but it does not look super pretty either. I may have to switch to liquid foundation any time soon to prevent my skin to look lizard-like. Liquid is supposed to be more emollient than powder! It is very surprising that my skin texture changed so much between yesterday and today but it is the way it is supposed to be after a week of treatment I think. I still have a couple of big papules on my ja