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  1. Very mild acne to start, persuaded a derm to give me Accutane. Was trying Finacea (azelaic acid) for 2.5 weeks prior to starting Accutane, it was slowly improving my skin. I wonder if it was simply the Finacea just now starting to kick in. Because after only 3 days of Accutane (Finacea for 2 of those days, and none on the 3rd), I have no more actives. My face/lips/joints are only just barely starting to get dry. Has anyone EVER cleared this quickly? I wanna avoid the risk of possible
  2. I can totally relate and am about to start low dose too. I have "mild" acne but my regimen including topical retinoid takes lots of time, effort, and actually doesn't help that much. I just want to live like any other mid 20s person and not think about my skin all the time, or how this or that will affect my skin, etc. and am willing to take the gamble with 20mg/day x 6 months to a year. I am also a very busy medical student, so I have personal and professional reasons to want clear skin too
  3. hey baby11 i had a veyr similar experience. currently on month 6 of adapalene (differin) 0.1% cream, I'm still getting new zits but overall it has smoothened my skin texture out. it leaves me tons of hyperpigmentation marks because I have a very pale white asian skintone, so it honesestly looks worse than before i started differin because back then i would have the same number of new zits but they were less noticeable on my skin due to more even skin tone. now, they are flat and under the s
  4. Almost no dermatologist in their right mind would give you Accutane for that.
  5. Review of Epiduo I quit Epiduo after <2wks trial. 1 week of any BP product seems to give me improvement, but by the 2nd week mark, the irritation catches up and causes red, flaky, oily skin, and many new papules. Review of ~5 months on Adapalene (Differin) Reduced new acne lesions somewhat, as compared to before treatment. I used to get lots of comedones and a few papules/cysts each week, now it's mostly small mild papules, but they all leave very bad PIH due to how retinoids thin the s
  6. Hey CS99 I just did the switch a week and a half ago. So far I've gotten a lot of redness/pain/flaking/dryness and small pink zits that don't come to a head. They pop up in areas that were previously clear. I wonder if my skin is simply too sensitive for the BP in Epiduo, since I had a similar reaction when I tried a Benzoyl Peroxide wash before with my Differin. Let me know how it goes for you!
  7. 3.5 months on Adapalene 0.1% Cream didn't clear me so I added a Clean-and-Clear Benzoyl Peroxide wash. That made me break out. At 4 months, I didn't see any improvement overall (possibly still due to irritation from BP wash), so I stopped the BP wash and switched to Epiduo (adapalene 0.1% + benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel). The brand name Epiduo was actually cheaper than generic Adapalene thanks to a coupon. Currently on my 2nd week of Epiduo, still on the Sulfur Sulfacetamide facewash too. It se
  8. Checking in again to confirm it wasn't the Differin (Adapelene 0.1% cream). 2.5 months in, just had the worst breakout I've had in a while, kind of frustrating that I'm still not totally cleared by the topical retinoid. Overall it seems to smooth my skin, but my latest breakout has shown that I still get acne, and the downside is that they tend to leave more intense hyperpigmentation scars after they're gone, due to my skin being made more sensitive by the topical retinoid. I will give i
  9. Skin: "very very mild" comedonal acne, oily skin Drugs: Plexion (sodium sulfacetamide + sulfur facewash), and Differin (adapelene 0.1% cream) First several days: a few pustules, then nothing new. Old blackheads still there, blotchy skin tone, dry skin/eyes (I keep my acne drugs far away from my eyelids! Dunno why...) Is it possible I got lucky, my Differin/Plexion worked that quickly/in sync w/my skin renewal cycle, and my IB is over, especially given I had mild acne to start? People wr