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  1. im sure it ll work great, just be patient little girl :P xxxx

    1. its going very slowly, and thanks for asking =)

      1. hows going ms.sadsad? :P cmon post some new pics on gallery ^^

        1. hows tane going stevie ? hope u are doing great!

          1. im am profesional athlete and took accutane for 6month - no problems for me. maybe the 1st month i noticed a bit of back pain, just that. good luck
          2. u can take vitamine E while on tane. my derm told me that. good luck
          3. Mike

            sounds great ^___^

            1. u saw? u finished agreeing me :) say hello to the boss! hehe

              1. you look really great on ur pics!! well i just finished the course i ve some red marks and 98% clear. lets wait to see how it goes.

                im sorry for the rosacea affair, keep strong beautifull gal :P

                1. Hey, accutane gave me rosacea. So i'm very anti-accutane now. How is your course going? I hope it's well.

                  1. how are u lara? hope u are doing great! are u doing great at the university? xxx

                    1. happy bday!!!!!!!!!