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  1. My skin looks burnt . And what are those reddish dark spots there. Can anyone please tell?
  2. Guevarabeats . Thanks for the reply. I am looking for a derma stamp . My skin looks dead from the outside. Texture is also mosplaced. Really am annoyed. Do you really think the overall condition of my skin can be reversed.?
  3. Can anyone recommend me universal over the counter products that i can use at home?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am sorry that you have suffered from this. I am also skeptical about lasers and always believed normal remedies like roller should be tried first. I will look into it
  5. You have really nice skin. just few pigmentation here and there. I think it will be easy to remove
  6. Hello There! Please help me to evaluate my condition , What do i have and how Bad they are. I have these for years but now i am realising my self steem is been hit by it just recently and I am getting really sensitive about these.I want a smooth skin. Can I get it after this? What treatment should i get. Can I treat it at home if there is a possibility? or I have to do lasers? and othere treatment under a professional?
  7. Hello. I have seen your pictures. Man i have almost the same pattern of scars i believe. I have these for years but i never really cared until now. But now i have realized how bad they are. . Here are my pics please tell me what should i do.how bad they are
  8. i am really confused what do i have .. i have this craters on my face . i didint have any acne on my life but these craters have not left me alone. i am currently using daily pore cleanser and then aloe vera gel. why i dont have smooth surface on my skin . and i also have black spots.. Need help... i would really appreciate some analysis. Thanx waiting ,,,