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  1. Not to belabor the point even more, but it just occurred to me that my doc's 8 week recommendation was based on what I had done: half ThermAge, half Smoothbeam. I don't want to mislead anyone. I don't know what she would have said if it was all Smoothbeam. But in any event, she did say longer would be fine. For the summaries: 1st treatment: setting 13 with large handpiece. Redness and swelling, gone in 30 minutes. No blisters. Minor improvements 4 days later. Spot-treated skin growt
  2. I had the raised scars on my chest hit with Vbeam, per the doctor's recommendation. Don't know yet what the results will be.
  3. There's lots of SmoothBeam discussion in the thread "My Smoothbeam Treatments!".
  4. Regarding my SmoothBeam, ThermAge, and V-beam message: ~craig~: Thanks for the note re ThermAge in the bay area. I actually got a quote from Dr. Newman in San Mateo, who I highly recommend. But I went to Kilmer because she does SmoothBeam and is also on the scientific advisory board for ThermAge. I figured if there was anybody in the world that could say which treatment would work best for me it would be her, although I was aware she was more expensive. Of course, the fact that she took
  5. Well, after much research I decided to get everything done. I have scars on my face, neck, chest, and back. I decided on a variety of procedures. I chose Dr. Kilmer, who is one of the top-10 laser surgeons in the nation according to one report. She has extensive experience with both SmoothBeam and the up-and-coming ThermAge system, currently approved for wrinkles but in clinical trials for acne scars. SmoothBeam hits the upper layers of the skin, while ThermAge hits the lower layers. (Ne
  6. Depression is an awful thing. It's not just the blues or sadness like some people think. It's important to realize that things like scars or relationship problems can lead to depression, but they don't have to stay depressed. There are many happy people with disfiguring scars. They just don't have depression. Heck, there are happy people that are missing eyes and legs. If somebody is seriously depressed, there's hope if they can be made to realize that the depression is what needs to be
  7. In my searching I've found two main types of doctors: Plastic surgeons -- acne scars are the minor end of their practice. They also work on everything from reconstructing ears to massive injury repair (missing eyes, etc). Cosmetic dermatologists -- everything from selling you a sunblock, to things like SmoothBeam, to perhaps full face ablative laser at the high end. Around here the second type are easy to find, as they advertise in the weekly papers. --Bob
  8. Ooops, I should have mentioned that it does seem to be making discolorations disappear. I didn't have a lot of that, though. --Bob
  9. I've been using it for 4 weeks. Some large pores definitely seem smaller. The acne scars may be a bit smoother -- I can't really tell on those. The major effect, though, is my skin feels softer and a bit waxy. And it looks shiny and less firm. I'm not sure this is good. I get the feeling that this product over-moisturizes my skin. I don't need a moisturizer due to my oily skin. --Bob
  10. Since SmoothBeam isn't available in my area, I'm considering a Thermage treatment (using the ThermaCool TC system). SmoothBeam works by injecting energy into the lower layers of the skin, promoting collagen remodeling. ThermaCool does this, too, but uses RF energy instead of laser light. ThermaCool isn't yet approved for acne scars, though. I was wondering if anybody on this board has any experience with it? Their web site says they put more energy into the lower layers of the skin than a
  11. I thougth IPL (Intense Pulsed Light, or FotoFacial) was pretty close to a miracle cure for redness. That is, if you can spend $2,500 for five treatments.
  12. Hi, Apparently there's a new dermabrasion method out there, and I was wondering if anybody is familiar with it. This is real dermabrasion, not microdermabrasion. Healing takes a few days to a week, and you are bandaged for the first part of the recovery period. The system is the DiamondTome system, formerly used only for microdermabrasion. Apparently attachments have been recently created to do full-strength dermabrasion. These are similar to the wands shown at http://www.diamondtome.c