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  1. mimime

    The Emotional Toll

    To me it seems like it's the birth control (hormonal treatment of some kind), something with tretinoin and a topical (or oral) antibiotic that is helping most women getting their acne under control. I think it's important to attack it from the inside as well as with topical creams to make sure it all goes away, if it's too severe to treat with only topicals - so, your regimen should work as long as you give it time!
  2. mimime

    The Emotional Toll

    Hang in there - it will get better, I promise you. At this time last year my acne was so horrible; huge pimples, blackheads, big pores, uneven texture - and for the first time in my life I started scarring. I had almost perfect skin in my teens and I was outgoing and actually thought of myself as one of the pretty girls and I could usually date the guys I wanted. When this hell started and I began to isolate myself, I felt like the ugliest person on earth, and I lost all of my confidence and sta
  3. About 9-11 months ago I had some very sad indented scars - angry and red, and they were visibly indented. I still have shallow scars, but they improve every day, and although it might be impossible, I have a feeling that they will more or less be invisible in a year or so, when all of the redness is gone, and hopefully when tretinoin has improved the texture and collagen production. Anyway, I just wanted to show how my deepest scar in the middle of my cheek has improved in under a year. Mind, th
  4. I haven't had time to update this blog at all, but it also means I have more interesting news since it's been a while. I still have the same regimen: A-derma oat cleansing bar evening and morning Avene moisturiser evening and morning Retin a (airol) 0.5% evening Dalacin (topical antibiotic) evening (and morning when I remember) Yasmin birth control First of all, as I have written before, I have been constantly breaking out on my chin for over a year, with at least 3-4 painful nodules
  5. mimime

    Update: Day 7

    Thanks! I have eczema as well, and it has in fact flared up the last week - on the side of my face next to my ear! I have a steroid cream I use, but I am a little unsure whether to use it or not in case it mixes with the tretinoin, and it's quite a strong steroid. For some reason my face can handle strong topicals without any problems except some redness but it's crucial I don't get any topicals in contact with my neck, lower cheeks etc, or I'll get into trouble. Good luck to you as well and if
  6. mimime

    Update: Day 7

    It's been a week with my new regimen and it's going quite well! An update on what I am using: AM: A-derma soap free oat cleansing bar Dalacin Avene clean-ac hydrating cream PM: A-derma soap free oat cleansing bar Dalacin Retin-a I am not using any moisuriser after the retin-a, and it's working very well for me so far, and I am less dry and less oily in the morning than what I was when I was using differin. The small flakes I get around my jaw line (where I have had a constant b
  7. I was just wondering if what I am doing at the moment is ok; I am currently using dalacin in the morning and after I cleanse my face at night, and then I wait 30 minutes for the dalacin to dry before I apply retin a. Is this ok to do? It is working well for me at the moment, but I was wondering if it is hindering the retin a to do its work (although I feel like everything is working fine)? I wanted to use the dalacin twice a day because in the instructions it says that twice a day makes it more
  8. yayy! I'm happy to hear other people have had a similar experience. I'm not dismissing the whole eating healthy thing, everyone should eat as healthy as possible and have a few treats now and then I just think it's important to completely get rid of the idea of acne being caused by being unhealthy, dirty or not treating your skin right, because I think most of us have a much better diet and skincare regimen than most people with flawless skin! And that people are more careful when they share t
  9. This is so great to see! I am very happy for you I am on a similar regimen + birth control, and it is very encouraging to see your photos. I really really hope it works for me as well, and from your other photos it looks like I have the same type of chin acne as you did. Please post again at a later point if you are still having success and no more breakouts!
  10. leelowe1: I'm currently using tretinoin, dalacin (topical antibiotic) and yasmin birth control + mild cleanser, mild moisturiser. Trying to eat healthy more because of my general health rather than acne though, but I'm not obsessing. I agree with both of you. I don't necessarily mean that going to a dermatologist and trying whatever he or she has to offer is going to cure your acne, nor do I think that it is any harm in trying to eliminate things from your diet or trying out a few natural
  11. I believe a good diet, natural skin care products with few ingredients, exercise and a holistic approach to combating acne can be a good thing, but I don't believe it is "the cure". People react to different things, and if chocolate, gluten or anything else obviously makes you break out, it is a good idea to eliminate these things from your diet, but I think for a lot of people, big lifestyle changes causes more agony than it does them good. I have a very healthy diet and I always have had, and
  12. I started tonight! After I took the pill I just wanted to take another one straight away to make it work quicker! haha. I guess I need to give all of this time and not expect too much too soon. Thanks for commenting, it feels nice that someone's here with me!
  13. Today I got all of my prescriptions; dalacin, airol (0,05% tretinoin) and yasmin birth control. I obviously have very little to write about, but I just applied some dalacin on my broken out areas, and it smells incredibly strong of alcohol! I hope this doesn't irritate my face too much. It had a sponge thing on the tip of the bottle which made it easy to not apply too much, and I also didn't have to touch my which is good. Later tonight I will be using the tretinoin for the first time, and I'm r
  14. I made a little discovery the past week when I got lazy with moisturising after applying differin. I've been very consistent about using moisturiser every day and 30 minutes after applying differin at night, but the last week I haven't, and I'm sort of noticing the small spots I have, as well as the larger nodules are going away? Is this only due to my skin drying out (which isn't really a good thing, nor a permanent solution) or could it be that the differin is more effective when it's the only
  15. I need to just write here to let it all out, really. I went out a couple of days ago with some friends and felt terrible because they all have flawless skin and I am still very self conscious about mine, although I know it has improved. My shallow scars are bothering me, but I'm not sure if it's body dysmorphia or if people actually do see them. I'm really confused. Every time I try to convince myself that it's just me who can see them, I immediately think that I'm lying to myself, and that "of