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  1. Hat, long sleeves, pants, tree shade, clouds, sunglasses. I think anything else is bad, including the "natural" products. Just make sure to get some unprotected sun exposure. Thank you. Have a nice day.
  2. Update: Couldn't do it. Lasted several days. I then did standard carnivore for several days following that and then switched to ketogenic 1.5 weeks in. That's what I'm doing now.
  3. I think they're talking about consuming oatmeal, and I think you're talking about applying it topically. I think it would be better to ask whether grains in general are bad for acne.
  4. Would anyone like to do a strict elimination diet with me? Acne isn't really a problem for me anymore, but I'm curious to see if this way of eating has an effect on other aspects of my health. If any acne sufferers would like to try this, I will do it with you and support you throughout it. It will be just unprocessed grass-fed red meat, salt (sodium chloride, iodized), plain water for drinking, and pure animal lard for cooking. Red meat is nutritionally-dense, so that'll allow us to surviv
  5. The severity of the scars doesn't matter. It's all about the sufferer's perception. This is an example of something that goes beyond logic. I'm not sure if there's a solution, but one coping mechanism would be to wear a mask now that it's considered normal.
  6. Since, in the long term, masks are here to stay, the coming decades/centuries are a good time to have acne.
  7. There is a possibility that altering coding in order to erase acne would lead to unintended consequences since the genes that encode for acne may have functions in addition to that. It would have to be that a new version of H. sapiens is engineered from the ground up in a way that leaves out acne programming OR that the current one is bred in a way that results in acne programming deletion.
  8. Makes me think of Morgellons disease. Mentioning this to a doctor may lead to a psychiatry referral. One of the signs Morgellons patients present with is fibers emerging from the skin. Why some doctors, then, view this as psychiatric is beyond me. They're trained to think as follows: "uncommon presentations of common diseases are more common than common presentations of uncommon diseases." If you're working on a puzzle and one piece won't fit, shoving it in won't necessarily make it fi
  9. If a person took a one-time pill that cleared 90% of their acne in the long term, would that count as a cure?
  10. Also, why do people want to delete their acne?
  11. The key to moisturized skin is not oils but good amounts of humectant natural moisturizing factors like urea and sodium lactate. Acne.org does not currently sell any products like this. I'd recommend a 5% urea moisturizer. CeraVe came out with a urea moisturizer sold in the US, but I can't recommend it since I've never used it. You'll probably have to get a European or Canadian urea moisturizer.
  12. Hyperpigmentation takes a long time to go away. If you're currently not using any peroxides on the skin, you can consider using hydroquinone. I used Ambi Fade Cream. Despite using Ambi Fade Cream, glycolic acid, etc. to attempt fading my marks, I still had to wait a long time for them to fade. You can also consider concealing your marks using a tinted moisturizer or making your own by mixing a water-based foundation with a water-based moisturizer. I mixed Almay Smart Shade Skintone Matching Foun