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  1. Control Panel

    Regimen Problems, please help

    Hi, this happened to me in like 2014-2015. Your skin will have to readjust, but I don't think there are any "specific" instructions to start again. Hope this helps.
  2. Control Panel

    Does Glycolic acid cause peeling?

    Hi, yes, it does cause peeling (especially if you use too much or use it too often). What I'd do is in my palm mix one pump of moisturizer and one pump of AHA lotion before applying to the face. Most people can handle this diluted strength once per day, but once every other day may be better if you have sensitive skin.
  3. Hi, @Evina Davis I'd say you could wash and moisturize (without BP) a second time if you wanted to but you don't have to. The whole purpose of cleansing is to prime the skin for BP, so you won't need to do that if you're not treating (although some people like to anyway). It wouldn't hurt to apply more moisturizer though if your skin feels dry--once again--the cleanser being optional.
  4. Control Panel

    Deleting a thread

    Hi, I deleted all quotes containing text posted by you. Feel free to make sure I didn't miss anything. Control Panel
  5. Control Panel

    Are acne.org products cruelty free?

    Hi, yes. It says so on the product labels. Take the cleanser for example.
  6. Control Panel

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    I didn't make the rules, sorry. Feel free to follow up on this here. Control Panel
  7. Control Panel

    Thoughts on Dr David Lim?

    Just to let everyone here know, we did receive a report(s) regarding this topic. Unfortunately, there's nothing we can do since the post doesn't target any members on the message board. The active senior mods agreed that this rule from the Forum and Community Rules page does not include people outside this community: Regards, Control Panel
  8. Control Panel

    Punch floats/elevation

    I unhid the hidden posts in this thread too, as they didn't appear to be talking about self-performing potentially dangerous procedures. However, I did keep hidden the topic of yours that discussed at-home procedures. Sorry about that. But it was in violation of our board rules, which beautifulambition informed you of. @beautifulambition already warned against performing potentially dangerous procedures on yourself at home. Control Panel
  9. Control Panel

    A quick question

    About to unhide this thread as well. It doesn't seem to me that the member wants to self-perform this procedure. As always though, to members who may be considering performing procedures on themselves at home: From our Forum and Community Rules page: Stay safe, Control Panel
  10. I noticed this thread was hidden. I don't see an immediate reason for it to be hidden, so I'm unhiding it. @joydivision I apologize for the inconvenience. I'll look into this. Regards, Control Panel
  11. From our Forum and Community Rules page We had to take down a post in this thread because it was in violation of this rule. To members considering this treatment: For your safety, please see a board-certified professional to have treatments involving TCA at concentrations above 30% done. Regards, Control Panel
  12. Control Panel

    Masturbation-Acne Experiment (2015–)

    Thanks for the advice. I have been on that site but not their forums.
  13. Control Panel

    Starting duac once daily

    Not an announcement or feedback, moving to appropriate forum.
  14. Control Panel

    Masturbation-Acne Experiment (2015–)

    @ninjection Welcome back! It's a bit coincidental that you posted this because I was just about to start, but for reasons not related to acne. Good luck to you and anyone else who decides to try this.
  15. Control Panel

    how to delete a blog?

    If I were you, I'd just replace all the content in my posts with dummy content.