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  1. AHA could be contributing to this. I know this website says that AHA can help with flaky skin, but using too much and/or too often can worsen the situation with dry, flaky skin. What I would do if I were you is to look for a "buffered" AHA product instead of a regular AHA product. This basically means sodium glycolate instead of glycolic acid, but I'm not sure how available sodium glycolate is in the cosmetic world. Sodium lactate is common, so I'd look for that. Urea is also good. There are som
  2. Hi, Katarmie. Is your skin dry? If so, the itchiness might be due to dryness, in which case you might need a more powerful moisturizer. Otherwise, it's probably due to the benzoyl peroxide itself and will get better with time.
  3. At least one of these should be available in the UK. These are products that I personally have used and/or have been recommended for use with the Acne.org Regimen in the past: https://www.acne.org/clear-face-sunscreen-spf-30-reviews-2530/ - can be mixed in palm with the Acne.org moisturizer before applying to the face https://www.acne.org/healthy-skin-face-lotion-with-spf-15-reviews-368/ - contains (8%?) AHA, so not to be used with Acne.org AHA+ https://www.acne.org/complete-all-d
  4. https://www.acne.org/replenishing-face-cream-5-urea-reviews-11624/
  5. Hi, AHA can increase flakiness if used too often or if too much is used. Some people are especially sensitive to it. I think a buffered AHA moisturizer would help you, but Acne.org does not make one. There are drugstore ones. This would mean using a product with sodium glycolate as the exfoliant instead of glycolic acid. The most common one though is probably sodium lactate. The forehead tends to flake more than other areas of the face for some people.
  6. Yes, as long as your skin can handle it. Too much AHA can actually make the skin drier/flakier. You can use an over-the-counter moisturizer too.
  7. Your skin has to readjust to the benzoyl peroxide. Happened to me.
  8. That one ships from and is sold by "wholesale-traders." It should be from and by Acne.org.
  9. I'm not sure whether the order matters. Different people believe different things. I'd just mix moisturizer and sunscreen in my palm before applying to the face. No.
  10. Many years ago, before Acne.org made a moisturizer, everyone on the Acne.org regimen was using a moisturizer that ended up getting discontinued in the US. What I recommend is the British/Canadian equivalent of that moisturizer, still being manufactured, called Eucerin Repair Face Cream (5% Urea). No, although I don't think jojoba oil is necessary. What you want for dry skin are humectants. The humectants in the product I mentioned are said to be 1.5x more moisturizing than most other one
  11. Please watch the language. This is a friendly warning.
  12. I think these comedogenicity lists are more theoretical than anything. These lists, and even studies, should probably be used only as a guide because comedogenicity needs to be looked at on a case-by-case basis (e.g., one ingredient may be more comedogenic in one product than in another). Comedogenicity would also likely depend on each individual person's skin, and many of these comedogenicity scores come from studies on rabbits, which don't necessarily predict results in humans.
  13. I recall this happening, but I don't remember the details since I am no longer on the Regimen. It's probably nothing to worry about.
  14. It's probably okay. I'm assuming it has 10% urea, in which case you might want to dilute it by mixing one pump of the Acne.org moisturizer with an equal amount of the Eucerin moisturizer in your palm before applying to the face. These are not set in stone, so feel free to experiment with different ratios/amounts of each moisturizer.