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  1. im actually gonna post a picture before and after in a month to show the results because i know its working
  2. well i honestly think salicylic acid 2% is better then benzoyl peroxide now that i used it for like a week its incredible but ofc the right product one if youre still forming acne then that can be internal problems cause probably from bad food ? eat healthy never cheat on it sleeping early around around 10 - 11 also helps really alot because if you sleep late your body doesnt have enough time for digestion and breaking down the bad stuff if you decide to use SA and BP , def add in a
  3. clean and clear advantage oil free treatment 2% salicylic acid you can thank me later
  4. get rid of the green tea and b6 milk thistle increases your estrogen unless its a seed extract so it can tip off your estrogen balance saw palmetto for androgen and dim for estrogen
  5. post a picture of what your acne looks like because ill be surprise if you tried all those treatment and it didnt work because maybe you didnt understand if the ingredients in that product was bad or maybe ph lvl wasnt right to work ?
  6. these 2 ingredients works well but the important thing about salicylic acid is the ph lvl needs to be right to work im using clean and clear advantage oil free treatment 2% salicylic acid with a ph of 3.2 combine with dan's bp and moisturizer honestly i can say it works reallly well and you will be amazed from just 1 week if you already got your acne under control
  7. salicylic acid is better for clogged pores , breakouts , acne , blackheads basically everything because it can penetrate into your pores unlike aha which only exfoliates on top of the skin
  8. both of these work very well togethor way better then bp and aha i have been using it for a week now and my existing acne dried off so much faster , really does work give it a try guys
  9. you just answered your own question in the first sentence
  10. i dont get why hes a troll ? bad food is the root of acne ofc there are also other things that too but mostly food
  11. do you guys put aha then bp on ? or bp then aha as dan regimen says too and for bha do you guys put bha then bp ? or bp then bha ?
  12. yeah i did some research and came by that so why does dan regimen say to use bp then aha first then ?? if paula choice says use bha then bp ?
  13. so youre suppose to use bp then aha then moisturizer ? but if i wanted to use bha it says bha then bp ? so whats the difference between using aha then bp ?
  14. when i eat alot of it , it does and i think for most people too maybe As I'm writing this I drink my post-workout shake, 60 grams of protein from whey and 150 grams of liquid high glycemic carbs and no acne babyyy! I guess supermens don't get acne then? i always wanted to workout like hardcore but whey protein cause hormonal acne for me and high carb cause cheek acne for me so that sucks hate my genes lol
  15. subcision method looks like it would work for you have you tried it ?
  16. when i eat alot of it , it does and i think for most people too maybe
  17. i mean you eat about 500g of carbs a day ? dam dude thats alot of inflammation too and it also affects the insulin , hormones o.o
  18. LOL That last sentence Well that is true it CAN cause microtears..... If done too fast, trust me I read that article and gave it some thought before I went with the Dermapen. But then again, dermaroller can also tear the skin when rolling disproportionately and fast. But when it came down to it, there are real results from Dermarolling and Dermapen. From a couple of Google search, a lot of people say that site have some valuable sources but the owner is a shady person.... But who knows.
  19. isnt gla omega 6 ? i heard you should keep omega 6 and 9 low and just intake on omega 3s but i cook with organic coconut oil which is filled with good omega 6 i believe
  20. so what can i replace white rice with since im asian and thats like everyday thing i eat ?
  21. so now you should be regretting it because it cause microtears based on the other link o.o ?
  22. well did you stop drinking green tea then ? if you still are thats why
  23. you probably pushed it deeper in causing more bacteria to go deeper thus inflammation making it worse so maybe acne medication is neeeded