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  1. 50% tca ? thats dangerous and why people shouldnt do it out of desperation
  2. it depends on how much fluoride there is but i never had a problem with it , try drinking spring bottled water but you also can be sabbotaging your skin thinking its the water for something else
  3. if those are red marks , hydroquinone wont work try salicylic acid 2%
  4. they dont use cleanser because they never had acne so why would they
  5. how long did you try it for? if it was 1+ months like 2-3months and didn't work fair enough, But im curious to how long you've been using it for since it didnt work thanks. as we all know nothing can be miracles and work like magic in couple days or weeks.. used it for a month, looked like it was helping but it was just the cream being masked over the redness making it seem like it was working
  6. so you will purge for a week or 2 i gotten like 2 cystic acne so far 1 was on my nuge big a nickel legit it went away in like couple of days though , i did not squeeze or nothing i just use SA + Bp daily fading away much faster then i thought + no indented scars because like i said these 2 reduce inflammation my only regret is not starting this regimen a long time ago
  7. i cooked with organic unrefined coconut oil instead of vegetable oil or anything else so yeah its way better
  8. do not squeeze your pimples or you will get permanent scarring
  9. before i was using SA and BP , i was before using SA and BP , i was using BP and AHA but it didnt work that well and i couldnt keep using because aha was making my skin get red dry leathery patches so i switched to SA because - salicylic acid as an exceedingly effective keratolytic (exfoliant), but it also is an anti-irritant This is because salicylic acid is a derivative of aspirin (both are salicylates—aspirin’s technical name is acetylsalicylic acid), and so it also functions as an
  10. http://www.paulaschoice.com/beautypedia-skin-care-reviews/best-skin-care-products/Skin-Care/BHA-Exfoliants/_/clean-and-clear--Advantage-Oil-Absorbing-Treatment-Oil-Free any SA products with a ph of 3-4 will work anything out of those number wont do a thing so its pointless to buy it the way i use these product is , i put on the SA first for 15-20 min to let it dry and also because bp can/might oxidize SA from what i read but im not sure but just incase i wait 15-20min then apply bp af
  11. dont drink less tea/coffee just completely remove it because drinking it less wont do anything unless it causing acne then i guess its fine but you will know the next day if it was from that or not also dairy can make acne so much worse cause of the inflammation it has and hormones , healthy balance is important but you get acne then thats your choice
  12. just because it didnt work for you , doesnt mean it wont work for him because theres alot of case that achieved good results and same thing for lasers ofc it takes more then 1 treatment of laser and time
  13. i avoid all dairy , junk food , anything with basically lots of sugar or sugar in general if i can i only drink water any fluoride products also i avoid fruits because they do have natural sugar which still isnt good for acne imo so i eat vegetables , lean chicken i also take supplements and etc and lastly WILL power to stay consistent with my diet to achieve
  14. you can use bp anytime you want , i apply it twice morning and night it helps with inflammation and getting rid of it yes , i already fixed my diets and everything that is causing my acne i just need to get rid of the existing ones so yeah
  15. you squeezing them , picking them makes them permanent large pores/scarred pores so yeah ....
  16. 2% sa and 2.5 % bp i use them both twice a day daily no dry skin or anything when i moisturize after or redness when i was using aha with bp tho , i would get red dry patches that felt leathery so yeah with this regimen its way better completely dries out the acne without having to pop or touch it
  17. use salicylic acid 2% it better then aha without irritations also a moisturizer is always needed for the winter even if you think your skin isnt dry
  18. also do not eat at night meaning if you sleep at 10 pm eat at 6 or 7 pm give it atleast 3 hr for your body to digest it before going to sleep right away before you eat i cant find the resource but i remember long time ago you want to try your best to be asleep 10 pm to 3 am because thats when you body is digesting and breaking down food all that bad stuff so the longer you sleep between those hour the more hour it has to digest