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  1. vitamin c 2 -3 grams zinc 50 mg omega 3 2gram vitamin e 1000 iu
  2. hormonal acne is around mouth , lips and jawline if you have it on your cheek then improving your diet will help alot
  3. could be #1 and 2 if your hair is dirty and greasy/oily or if you had gel on and didnt wash it off before you sleep or it touching your face could be a problem ,or you can try changing your pillow case every now and then cause of all the deadskin and bacteria on it because we shed billions of deadskin but its impossible to see them #2 could be the medication you are taking maybe
  4. if you dont see results in 3-4 months then its time to stop yes
  5. not sure but it takes the next day for me to breakout from bad foods and stuff like that your job might be a problem in the future if you gotta drink alcohol though
  6. it means dont touch your face at all because your hands are always have germs on them
  7. everyone is different and dont even experience this depression because there mentally prepared and in the end it helped them big time
  8. bha 2% will reduce the pore size but you need to look for the right product with right ph
  9. so you decided to do treatment at the age of 50 ? lol i dont believe you are 50
  10. none of those are good for acne or your body especially your livers and do cause acne yes
  11. i mean if you dont have any scars that is being held down , i guess laser is the only option or excision for some of the scars
  12. i bought one but not like those bad ones at the drug store organic non nano 20% zinc oxide hopefully it works better and mineral based
  13. either way it would of turned into scarring because of how old they are but yeah maybe using salicylic acid will reduce the look alot
  14. hear it heals the skin , reduce inflammation , helps acne and skin problems , white mask texture that makes your face pale which helps in covering blemishes/redness stuff like that anyone tried it ?
  15. u can always buy them online from amazon for cheaper or the korean bb creams that doesnt make you look like youre wearing makeup
  16. shouldnt you wait atleast 3-6 months before doing another subcision to let the collagen kick in ?
  17. nice thread, people need to realize diet plays a huge part in acne whether they want to believe it or not
  18. use it every other day then or only at night use it less often so your skin can be less dry
  19. your scars doesnt look deep at all in the picture so 6k ? doesnt seem worth it co2 laser probably range 2k - 3k ? needling is like worth $ 30-50 which you can do yourself i think all you would need is a few co2 lasers
  20. oh lets get real also zavvi was the same kid who said he was gonna do like a year or 6 month raw vegetable or eat just fruits to cure his acne scars and said he was gonna update us when its finish but sadly confronted him and he never replied again
  21. i mean unless you have acne on your eyes lol i guess
  22. yes toothpaste can cause cyst acne around the mouth area because of the fluoride
  23. 50% tca ? thats dangerous and why people shouldnt do it out of desperation