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  1. clogged pores , didnt absorb well , felt like a mask , didnt work for me ingredients can be a problem
  2. tilapia has more 2-3x omega 6 then omega 3s so thats a bad ratio js adding lean chicken is fine
  3. i recommend vitamin c 20% they work really well at healing skin and hyperpigmentation/scars
  4. when you say fraxel u mean restore or repair because i can understand restore doing nothing
  5. well first come prepared and by that i mean do your own research and educated yourself so you know whatsup then ask them questions about they can do for your skin and basically question everything/ask questions they are very friendly so yeah dont be embarass tell them your skin problems and be specific
  6. i think it helps with every scar except ice pick
  7. if youre talking about getting rid of acne scars like blemishes/hyperpigmentation then yes but indented scars no
  8. I had a test patch - laser treatment about 3 years ago and scars did not benefit at all. It left me with a darker hyper-pigmentation mark. I am glad I went for the test patch. This is was at the start of my acne scar journey. I did not do enough of research unfortunately. Because I am a south Asian dark skin male, my skin is not suitable for aggressive laser treatments. doesnt hyper pigmentation fade 3-6 months anyways ? if so results can be good still
  9. why did you do subcision + filler ? looks like scar would benefit more from co2 laser
  10. its usually always a internal problem caused by food
  11. 'well isnt accutane suppose to purge/make you break out ? isnt that how it works
  12. no wash ? its just a illusion then because its filling in the scar with the gel but as soon as you wash it off its still there ... lol but then again i never used silicone gel before
  13. clean and clear oil absorbing treatment , i dont think they sell them in stores anymore not sure u can research around or check but on amazon they do
  14. i dont think cleanser with SA or BP do anything because its washed off right away and not on the skin long enough to do its job
  15. i used it for awhile like half a year , didnt see much results for that period of time , irritations and red patches form switched to SA 2% , 3x the results i was getting from aha in a month i have oily skin but now i dont because of SA , only time my skin is oily is when i wake up but after i wash my clean and apply it im good for the day
  16. are u talking in 3rd person ? this looks like your nose but youre saying that its your girlfriend for some reason as a excuse idk i can tell cause the mustache obviously i already said it before if the blackhead was in there for a long time then no it isnt from the pore strip
  17. eating organic and healthy is good but people do need skin care if youre having skin problems because most skins need that extra boost and exfoliation natural organic products are good too i guess but not strong enough imo and that why your skin probably isnt responding well to the products cause he does nothing , ph lvl too low or somethings obviously wrong so i believe not
  18. salicylic acid is not a non effective treatment ? i have used one with a ph of 3.2 and it works amazing alcohol is known for being bad for the skin you can google and see millions of reason why it isnt good also to say Alcohol based products are equivalent to ACCUTANE ? i have used it countless times and im sure everyone has to know the difference but to say its equivalent to accutane ? yeah ...... no
  19. so youre just relying on alcohol based products that isnt even for acne .... SD Alcohol 40, Water, Glycerin, Fragrance, Menthol, Benzophenone 1, Ext D&C Violet 2 (CI 60730), FD&C Blue 1 (CI 42090) all it contains is alcohol which isnt good for the skin and bunch of things that irritate acne http://www.paulaschoice.com/expert-advice/skin-care-basics/_/alcohol-in-skin-care-the-facts salicylic acid is everything you said but less harsh and penetrates through oil
  20. dont listen to these home remedies thinking it can get rid of acne scars punch excision , tca cross method , then a co2 laser to smooth it out once its elevated
  21. did you try fixing up your diet ? no dairy , sugar , high carbs , high fat , junk food , caffeine , etc