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  1. yeah i just found out by my pharmarcist also i asked if taking milk thistle was fine while on it and they said it wouldnt interfere as long as its taken 2-3 apart i read doxycycline can mess with your digestion system so im adding milk thistle to help experienced some headaches but it went away next day my skin didnt get any initial breakouts so far and no new acne so lets see after a week
  2. as long as its not taking oral and just topical i think its fine
  3. my derm said take it 100mg twice everyday but how many hours spread apart should it be ? like im hungry right now and its only been 3 hours so im wondering if i can eat and my 2nd one ? also is it okay to take turmeric or milk thistle while on doxycycline ?
  4. so i wanted to start accutane but this derm i went too said my acne isnt severe enough so he prescribe me these , honestly i felt like he was a bad derm because all he did was gave me a paper to read , left the room came back in ask few questions , went back out , came back in and just told me to use these without even explaining anything ... feels like my $40 was only a 10 mins of him walking out and back in and only 3 min of asking couple questions but anyways can anyone explain your exper
  5. dont think it works on black heads and it will probably be a icepick scar or enlarged pore because of how long its been in there
  6. did you have initial breakouts when you started accutane ? and did it cause indented scars after ?
  7. best way to smoke weed would be vaporizer
  8. becauses there all bruised up from the procedure
  9. thanks for the advice! stupid question maybe , do i make a appointment at the derm to start ? or go to my doctor and waste money and get recommendation ?
  10. so anything i should know or be aware about ? im asian btw does it make you breakout first or anything severe that would cause scarring ? should i expect anything in first week or month ? like does flare ups happen for everyone ?
  11. wait $150 for a retin tube ? you can buy them online for like $4 lol they arent gonna help your scars dont listen to the derm , youre suppose to go to a laser clinic and ask them for scar treatments not the derm i believe also just because she prescribe you it doesnt mean you have to take it because like i said not gonna do anything for the indented scars , waste of money
  12. i like white pale skin better also why are we talking about hundreds of years ago exactly ?
  13. whats with having pale skin ? the lighter the better lol and no you arent gonna get tan if youre wearing a spf sunscreen why else would they create it
  14. subcision and co2 laser could improve it doesnt look hard to treat compared to other scars
  15. visit a different doctor and ask for it and if accutane worked , you need to tell them it worked for you and u want it again you should know your body so if shaving isnt causing the problem tell them speak up
  16. actually he has about 4-6 ice pick scars tca cross will help or punch excision
  17. yes its the coke drink only water and u'll be surprise
  18. of course its not gonna be perfect but after getting rid of the white lines around it and touch ups , already a improvement
  19. last year my acne was under control , until this year idk what is going on same diet same everything ... i probably could of avoided scar