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  1. only going to make things worse , wait patiently is my only advice
  2. it can be either the bathroom seat is dirty and needs to be cleaned everytime or you wear the same clothes everyday or you arent washing your body right could be many reasons
  3. well i still have scars but compare to couple months ago i would say it got way better , sometimes i feel discourage and want to give up but then i think i gotten this far and thats what keeps me going
  4. bp is fine just keep using the regimen im on my 3rd week and its working really well and preventing new ones so good , also i have asian pale skin
  5. good question , when i was younger like around 17 i think it did for ME , but i never had a pimple appear again so not sure
  6. beer does not help acne , i have no idea what kind of advice you are giving also its not healthy water if you want to drink water and flush your system then drink water why beer makes no sense
  7. wash your face only twice a day morning and night if you gonna quit smoking , dont start again cigarettes have alot of bad chemical which can lead to acne
  8. it still will be in your system , alcohol damages your liver and it cant function right also it has sugar leading to acne breakouts
  9. after it peels off , does it leave hyperpigmentation or anything ?
  10. false compassion/hopes can be a big letdown in the end so thats why i dont like to give false information , nobody made her a fool its just replying ? also everything you typed makes no sense at all lol then you say misery loves company ? wonder why youre here please go away if you trying to start a flame war on a thread
  11. youre pretty immature too just look your name " thissitesucks " says it all u say this is a supportive group ? everyone is entitled to there opinions and what they want to say , im not going to support something i dont believe in so why are you getting angry again ? ha
  12. wow youre really ignorant lol theres not enough evidence to show massaging your skin breaks down scar tissue , thats why this is the first time im seeing this
  13. Stearic Acid is comedogenic Tocopherol is mildly comedogenic Beeswax is comedogenic Apricot Kernel Oil is mildly comedogenic Shea Butter is comedogenic Olive Oil is comedogenic Jojoba Seed Oil is mildly comedogenic
  14. youre suppose to moisturize even at night when using it ... also you probably used 10% right
  15. because stress/depression/sad has a huge effect on acne assuming thats why you are crying
  16. crying is bad for your skin yes if you want to clear your skin , always think positive your mind is a very strong tool
  17. your scars cant heal after a 1-2 day scab this thread has so many flaws lol to the members on this board trying to get rid of there scars avoid this
  18. i think you are sabotaging your skin , you need to stop and think if what you are doing is really safe because it seems you tend to believe everything online when you see a picture
  19. stop drinking green tea it causes major breakout for some people like me
  20. doesnt matter if its 3 pimples , those 3 can get way worst then you can ever imagine if you dont know how to treat it right therefore this forum exist
  21. theres more to life then that smh .... if all you care about is sex then go pay a hooker