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  1. if its bad bacteria , get on doxycycline from the derm works wonder for acne , cures from the inside im on it aswell , working well
  2. these home remedies is what caused this learn from karma dont do useless home remedies and see a real doctor sadly i dont know how long because i never tried this lol ...
  3. What's wrong with being on doxycycline ? I read it's fine for long term
  4. laser resurface for indented scars its a gold standard for scarring for some works wonders some not so well
  5. maybe they were already atrophic scars , hyperpigmentation can create a illusion because its harder to see and once skin is more clear , it shows more but this can be a different case maybe
  6. is it okay to do a laser treatment while on doxycycline ? i read something about doxcycline making your skin sensitive to the sun so got me questioning
  7. acne on forehead is usually digestive problems
  8. yeah its not bad at all just clean your face , eat healthy , vitamin c
  9. not sure what it is but thats the best way to describe it , i dont know if clindamycin or doxycyline caused it but its around my nose and i stopped using clindamycin for 5 days to see if my skin would go back to normal but it didnt , this isnt like the dryness you get from benzoyl peroxide its red crusty and wont go away i moisturize my skin everyday morning and night for past 5 days i stopped clindamycin but still taking doxycyline each day 200mg does anyone have a clue what it is ? or
  10. i stopped using clindamycin for about 4 days now and my skin still isnt back to normal even when i moisturizer daily
  11. i stopped using clindamycin for a 2 days to let me skin heal because it is so dry and flaky,red and it still is even though i been using only moisturizer for past 2 days so does doxycycline have a effect on your skin ??
  12. if you talking about indent scarrings , i wouldnt get any treatment unless your face is uncontrol otherwise it would be pointless to get treatments and have them come back while healing
  13. well you need to explain that to her and if you have a job/money you can learn to cook its pretty easy you can cook food with oil but it has to be organic virgin coconut oil its the healthiest my parents are like that too and there asian maybe yours are too or you can try to trick em if the dont believe you because mines are really stubborn regardless the real facts tell em the doctor said it does ? or youre becoming a vegetarian, theres alot of things you can say just think
  14. are you using clindamycin and doxycycline atm ? im using them for about 3 days now and no acne has come up and if they do clindamycin dries them out in a day
  15. so basically tanning for acne scar issues ? wont work and will make it worse
  16. "apparently" ? if they said its a bad batch why would you even bother to buy it out of desperation ? or even consider it unless you wanna take a risk EVEN though they did say its bad its on you then
  17. maybe should stop and see a derm also you cant drink alcohol and try to achieve acne free skin , need to stick to a clean diet and see what works
  18. so the point to reduce inflammation , i dont think you need to do this though there are bunch of ways to reduce inflammation
  19. did you stick with a healthy diet ? just because you take accutane , it doesnt mean you can eat sweets and all that bad food just wondering
  20. i hope you know all topicals are to treat acne from the outside , doesnt mean its gonna cure your acne and medication/diet is whats going to control them from forming
  21. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=acnefree%20lotion there you go , cheap deals