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  1. doing tca cross with 80-100% but 80% is best and just as effective as 100%

    i got mines done at the derm and it filled it completely in but the redness last for like 6 months and it fades on its own no matter what you do unless u get laser to remove it but yeah

    doing it at home can be dangerous and cause more damage but it also can be success if done right

    you need to research , noone can predict the results because evryone skin is different

    its a gamble

  2. so i just started researching about collagen boost for micro wound heal like when you do lasers and stuff like that

    it is best to apply a healing serum to increase the results but i still dont get much because i just started maybe you guys can help research and tell if you know more about this , so some keyterms are

    hyaluronic acid

    human growth factor


    copper peptide


    epidermis growth factor





    just some studies , im sure theres alot more

    edit : Although TGF-β1 is considered to be one of the main wound-healing promoting factors,53 the important roles of other wound-healing–related factors in wound healing, such as IGF-1, EGF, PDGF, and FGF, has to be appreciated.

  3. my acne is clear now and i took antibiotics about 2 months ago

    the results are life changing for me

    you might experience a purge for 1-2 weeks but then improvements start after just gotta stick with it and dont get discouraged

    try it now , theres nothing to lose

    dont listen to these people with there home remedies , aint gonna stop acne from forming

    see a real doctor

  4. did you even do your research ? dont think youre suppose to use laser to treat acne unless its scarring

    theres only a couple cures



    healthy lifestyle , diet , excerise

    the topicals that doctors prescribe

    basically only one that works

    all that home remedies and other crap aint gonna work so dont get caught up in that fake bs , thats all from experience

  5. Antibiotics long-term typically results in creating happy little antibiotic-resistant bacterium. And can wreak havoc in your GI tract. Yay!! =(

    honestly i rather have that then acne and be sad lol

    i also take milk thistle for digestion system and have no problems atm

    also i will keep taking it until my acne comes back thats when i know it stops working and hopefully it will be gone forever who knows

  6. i have used it and still am , it works by drying out the acne however using it with a 10% bp soap is just overkill on your skin

    clindamycin+benzoyl peroxide gel is already enough to do the job

    use it morning and night and moisturizer right after

    you should get a 2% salicylic acid cleanser or something gentle unless you want your skin to crack using 10% bp soap i wouldnt recommend it

  7. is it similar to acutane? is it to take internally or something? does it dry your face up and give you scars or wrinkle or such?

    its a antibiotic less side effects then accutane

    its taken internally , a capsule

    it doesnt make my face dry but might for others

    does it gives scars or wrinkles ? no you might get a scar from a purge but thats normal it fades way faster after

  8. Hey

    Every Dr I sw (at least 4-5 derms) said antibiotics can not be used long term

    I was told generally about 3 mnths

    BUT I didnt completely clear on the antibiotics and they kept refilling the meds for me

    So before tane I was on them for 9 mnths total

    One reason my derm rec tane because she didnt want me to be on the antibiotics much longer

    However i had ZERO side effects from the antibiotics..no stomach trouble at al etc



    my derm was pretty bad because he gave me a piece of paper with info about doxycycline , left the room for 10 min , came back and just told me go on antibiotic not even worth my money cause he didnt talk at all ....

    but other then that it said on the paper doxycycline is generally safe even if taken for years so who knows

    i rather take it then go back to having acne , never ever want to go back there

    but yeah no side effects for me , dry skin only from clindamyclin but your skin adjust after a month or you can use less so its all good!

    scars from purging but they go away quickly because of anti inflammation from doxycycline it works so well for me\

    also i know for sure my acne is gonna come back if i stop taking it so im gonna do w/e it takes for more , kinda stupid how they give it to you if its not gonna be a long term then but i read some people was on it long term to maintain clear skin

  9. so i took this antibiotic about a month ago 100mg twice a day

    my face cleared up within 3 weeks its amazing and everyday it only gets better

    at first there was a purge but thats it

    i dont get any acne at all anymore on this

    inflammation , hyperpigmentation , everything is reduce on this antibiotic and honestly i wanna stay on this forever if

    i can

    Always been researching trying to look for cures, wasted alot of money on things that dont work but now i found something that does my face has never been this clear and amazing in forever

    i've taken pictures each month and ill post it once my 2nd month is up and a followup to the derm

    is long term possible ? i heard its safe for long term but has anyone been on it for long term ?

  10. But was it duel fracal or just normal fracel

    I have no idea, their website doesn't specify but I know they used a stronger setting on me since they saw my acne scars were pretty bad

    i dont get how people can do lasers without even knowing the name of it then tell others not to do it

    guessing you dont know the exact setting too ?

  11. cmon after atleast the 6th month and you see no results i would give up on it , seriously though 4 years ..

    so to the derm and get prescribed antibiotics, topical like clindamycin stuff like that by the derm

    stop reading these things online , we arent doctors

    i use to read things online and thinking it would cure my acne tried everything until i finally went to the derm and went on antibiotic, now my face doesnt get new pimples when i wake up and its getting better everyday honestly cant remember the last time my face was this clear