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  1. I don't know if they sell it all over Canada but at my local Shoppers Drug Mart I found Eucerin dry skin face cream w/ 5% urea, thats what it says on the package and it's the best moisturizer I ever used while on the regimen.
  2. i tried several different moisturizers cetaphil neutrogena oil free neutrogena healthy skin w/ aha eucerin dry skin relief w/ 5% urea some vichy moisturizer complex 15 the eucerin was the best but still didnt keep dryness away in dry seasons. i'm actually beginning to think i may have just started outgrowing my acne because i was getting a lot of it on my back and haven't had any of that in the past few weeks either, and my facial hair's starting to get considerably thicker. maybe at 21 im f
  3. hey i just recently quit the CSR a month ago after using it for 7 months because I found that once summer hit I wasn't able to keep my skin moisturized, no matter how much moisturizer i used or how little bp i used. my skin constantly felt dry throughout the day, i could notice it whenever i ate, especially something like a burger from a restaurant where you have to open wide. any time i went swimming, my skin would get intensely dry and flaky, alligator style. any time i would sweat, which w
  4. doesnt seem to do anything to my hair, and its dark brown
  5. ive been on the regimen 6 months and still get massive flaking occasionally and i use way less bp than dan and probably way more moisturizer. i think the climate i live in and my skin type are preventing the regimen from being as effective for me as it is for most people.
  6. ive just made the decision recently to stop doing the regimen and stop giving a shit about my skin for this very reason. since i moved a few months ago, i have made some really awesome friends and when i was living at home i had stopped seeing all my friends cause of my acne. this is my chance to start new and ive been flaking out on my new friends, which are the best fuckin people ive ever met and i love em, because of how my skin looks and because of restrictions from the regimen (dry skin,
  7. ive been doing the same recently, my skin used to be fine even 20 minutes after bp before moisturizing but now if i dont moisturize after 5 mins its so dry and flaky and stiff feeling. ive been having a lot of problems with dryness lately since summer got hot and its starting to really piss me off.
  8. i use neutrogena healthy skin w/ 8% glycolic and eucerin dry skin face cream w/ 5% urea, both twice daily. i think im gonna start doing the neutrogena one just once a day see if that helps. i use dan's bp...but yeah thats good advice, if i have problems with dryness in the next few days ill just switch to once a day so its not such a burden at least. thanks for the input
  9. man ive been on the regimen over 6 months now and it was working great for a while when i was able to do it twice daily and always space them 12 hours apart, the last few months ive been much busier and now miss applications maybe once or twice a month, my applications arent timed perfectly between morning and evening, and my skin is getting ridiculolusly dry no matter what i do, so ive been breaking out a lot more. the fact that i go thru all this trouble and spend like $30 a month on moisturi
  10. hey ive been on the regimen since january and in the psat 6 or 7 months ive definitely had soem ups and downs with it. definitely been clearer but there have been weeks with extreme dryness and weeks with normal skin. i notice every time after my skin gets too dry for a few days i break out. this was mostly happening in winter and then spring came around and my skin was flawless for months but since summer ive been getting dry regardless of how little bp i use or how much i moisturize. befor
  11. tried it, it was okay....definitely nothing to write home about. i found that spectrojel doesnt rinse off very well, causing me to have to rub my face, even though gently, more than i wanted to. i switched to neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser and i like it way more.
  12. ive been on the regimen for 6 months and havent gone more than 3 days without getting some amount of flaking. i dont even apply as much bp as dan and probably use twice as much moisturizer as him, i guess i just have skin thats normally really dry or something, doesnt make any sense to me.
  13. ive noticed that my skin gets dry in areas even around the areas i apply bp, for example i dont put bp any closer than an inch around my eyebrows yet they flake like crazy if i dont moisturize them. also, i apply bp to my upper lip/chin area and i get dryness and flakes extending 2inches out on all sides past the points where i apply the bp. what the hell? do i just have naturally dry skin that is getting instensly dried out by the benzoyl peroxide or what? also, anytime i go swimming, even
  14. shoulda seen my skin man, i had flakes 10x worse when using full amount, even after several months on the regimen, regardless of how much moisturizer i loaded on. it was a joke, really. a smaller amount seems to work ok though.
  15. using a 5% was your mistake. use a 2.5%, actually to be honest the only thing that really makes the regimen work is dan's csr gel that you can order from this site, all the ohter ones i tried just caused more problems than they solved.