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  1. Anythig you know about going gluten free and how it effects acne will be helpful. Thank you.
  2. I feel crappy. I just cancelled my plans that i have been looking forward too, lied to my freinds, i dont want anyone to see me
  3. I have had acne since middle school and i am now a senior in high school. My acne is mostly on my lower part of my face. I was able to get rid of my acne last year. I would get one or two pimples occasionally but nothing too bad, in August i gradually started to break out badly. I felt really really ugly and uncomfortable with myself. I was even about to quit my job to not be around people. And then here comes winter. The cold makes my face really dry it gets very flaky which makes my face very
  4. jila17

    pretty good

    pretty good

    I would recommend this for anyone looking for a product to use. Has no smell, and gave me good results.
  5. I have very very very dry skin, it looks really bad, looks like im shedding, i don't want to wipe the dead skin off because i don't want to irritated my acne. Right now my acne is very bad, im afraid the dead skin is clogging my pores more. Any suggestions would be helpful,thank you!
  6. My skin feels very dry i dont like cold weather, makes my skin feel very rough and makes my makeup look cakey over all i see a little less acne not clear enough though, but hope is there, i miss my clear face D: wuahhhh
  7. I need a good moisturizer i can use under my makeup as well as a part of my regimen. I have a oily T zone but my area around my mouth is very very very dry. I have used clinique's acne solution moisturizer but i don't remember if i like it, my acne is moderate, thanks for reading, god bless
  8. I know how you feel, i hate so much having to wear makeup just to go to school and it not be enough, i try buying the best of all products but its just not good enough. I want to wake up look in the mirror and feel beautiful. Your not alone
  9. I use Make-up Forever matte finish right now, covers really good, and doesn't make me oily but i need somthing that will not clog my pores and have full coverage and is oil free, any suggestions ?
  10. I started using clinque acne solution emergency gel lotion, which is 5% benzoyl peroxide, i have been using it for almost a year, it helped my acne drastically from day one,i had moderate acne. And now i want to try the regimen because i started breaking out from switching my cleanser. So now im scared i will break out more if i change medications especially to a lower percentage of benzoyl peroxide. Any advice will be helpful.