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  1. Hi! Black girl here with acne! But I do think it's true that black people are less acne-prone. Mostof my relatives have flawlessssss dark skin.It's so annoying:P
  2. So, from my research, these are the foods to go for to help get rid of acne. Please feel free to tell me anything that you think is good for acne that I can add to my list, or anything that is actually triggering that I should take off Honey Ginger Cinnamon Green tea Rooibos tea All fruits Berries Sweet potato Green-leafy veggies (e.g. spinach, kale) Nutmeg Fish Oil Oatmeal Lemons Turmeric Extra-virgin olive oil
  3. That's true! I'll wait till the new year before I start, thanks, I hope it works for me too!
  4. The tube my derm gave me doesn't have a brand name on it it just says 0.05% tretionin, alfatecopherol 400 i.u and vanishing cream base...but my skin breaks out from EVERYTHING so i'm almost certain it will break out. Did yours break out from day one or get gradually worse? I think i'll just wait till after new years..
  5. So today I was prescribed 0.05% Tretionin by my derm, but reading reviews everyone (almost everyone) says they got an initial breakout I don't want bad skin for new years and i'm going to be at the beach so it will definitely be 100% visible :/ Should I wait to start? How long did your initial breakout last??
  6. Morning: Wash with African Black Soap Glycerin and Water moisturizer Drink glass of 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water Evening: Wash with African Black Soap Neo-Medrol Topical (every other day because too drying otherwise) Glycerin and Water moisturizer Drink glass of 2 tsp Apple Cider Vinegar with a glass of water Sundays: Honey mask for 30 mins Wednesdays: Sugar Coffee scrub I may start doing an Apple Cider Vinegar toner, but lets see how the glycerin goes
  7. The best moisturizer i've found that doesn't break me out is Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion...it says it's non-comedogenic but it does have 2 ingredients that rate 2+ on the comedogenic scale, but they are pretty far down the ingredients list so i'm pretty sure they're ok.
  8. So, I'm anemic (probably because of my baaad diet) I'm starting to take a multivitamin which has iron, B12 and many other vitamins but I made sure it had no iodine...do you think it will make my acne worse? I heard iodine is the main culprit for breakouts caused by multivitamins
  9. Cynthiaaaa



    Natural cleanser and antibacterial Smells and tastes good Makes skin soft and glowing Sticky? I did a honey mask (after a patch test, make sure you do a patch test first!) and that evening I used African Black Soap (as I always do) and my face was STINGING (guess it's all those open pores being cleaned thoroughly out) but then the next morning my skin was so SOFT and glowing I couldn't believe it! Definitely going to be doing this on the regular (once a week)
  10. Daily: Morning: African Black Soap Cetaphil moisturizing lotion Evening: African Black Soap Neo-Medrol Topical (dermatologist prescribed) Cetaphil moisturizing lotion Weekly Sunday: Honey mask (homemade- just started today) Bi-weekly Wednesday: Sugar Exfoliating Scrub (homemade)
  11. Cynthiaaaa

    Not for me

    Not for me

    Cheap Light Natural Made me break out Irritated my skin Not good if it's not pure/cold pressed/organic I broke out pretty badly using Sweet Almond Oil as a moisturizer, now I'm using Cetaphil and my skin is much better! I was also using it with Tea Tree and Castor Oil for Oil Cleansing, but that was a DISASTER. Maybe it's because I bought it from the chemist and not a whole food/organic thing, but anyway my skin definitely didn't like it. It gave me loads of tiny little closed comedones and whit
  12. you're good looking:p I agree, a healthy diet and mind really helps my acne go away, recently i've been having exams (finals) so been stressed and my forehead's been stressed out too :/ but now that i'm almost done, yoga, green tea and a healthy diet and happy mind is all I need! Congratulations btw:) x
  13. Dunno if i'm late with this, but yes, the EXACT same thing happened to me too and now I'm using African Black Soap along with my prescription topical and it does seem to be getting better Try the African Black Soap, it's amazing....just make sure you have a good (not oil) moisturizer! xx