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  1. I have to say the diet thing is killer, and works. For two weeks I ate salmon and greens and I had more compliments on my skin than ever before. Catch - I HATE SALMON AND GREEN SALAD EVERY STINKIN DAY. What works after 20+ years, is: eating well (low/no iodized salt - stimulates pores, low GL diet - no pop, cookies, sugar, no milk cheese; eat berries: blueberry, strawberry, blackberry - all others too high on GL index - in other words sheer hell), keeping skin turning over constantly with pro
  2. Give Face Reality a try as well. You can contact them online they do long distance consults. Dan's products are also great, but FR can assess your skin type and make recommendations and then you can probably make your regimen more affordable using Dan's stuff. I found them through another member on here and have done alot better than using a ton of prescriptions and drugs. Finding what works best for your skin type is key. For me the most important thing I learned was icing my skin in order to a
  3. I hate acne with a passion - but now that I'm 41 I want to kill it with a pitchfork.

    My regimen consists of the following now:

    Silica Scrub - Face Reality

    pH Toner - Face Reality

    Finacea (AM)/ Tazorac gel or Green Cream (pm)

    Spot treat (bp5%)

  4. Here's another tip: Cut finger nails as short as possible! Works for me. It's a reminder when I go to touch my face: DON'T. If there's one thing you need is something to interrupt your brain before it goes into that zombie "i MUST pick" mode.
  5. Okay, I bought one, and thought - geez, what the hey. I've estimated I could have bought myself a brand new BMW with all the money I've spent on my stupid skin the last 10 years - what's another $150?! I started using the lamp on both my face and back. Within a week I looked really good even though I was pretty much all clear from Face Reality products. Then by week 3 all hell exploded. What the heck? I actually thought it might be the Vit A I was using that was making me worse - it wasn't.
  6. Hey there, I bought a Verilux Clearware lamp, and I noticed that when I used Retin A or any Vit A derivative, I became worse; however, if I stopped using the Vit A, the lamp made me better. Has anyone else had this experience with home light therapy and these type of products? Any thoughts as to why this would be?
  7. Hey there, I have noticed I cannot use anything with Vit A in it and use the Verilux Clearwave lamp - for some reason it hyperstimulates the follicles and I start purging rapidly. I realized I had a problem with Vit A and all its derivatives after I had a Retin A revitalizing peel. One peel was fine, but if I had another one, I went into hyper breakout mode. If you notice you are using this product with the lamp and aren't getting any better, you may want to stop using anything with Vit A for
  8. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK - Wait - don't use that stuff! Okay, well hey, if it works for you fine, but I gotta tell you it has pore clogging ingredients and it is best to use a non- pore clogging version of mandelic acid. I was using it, and couldn't figure out why I was still breaking out. Then I realized it had algae extract in it which is a very pore clogging ingredient for some people. I switched to Dr. Fulton's brand and have had amazing results. Just a thought.
  9. Well, thanks to another member on here, I am clear. Only took me 4 years to get here too. I had acne as a teen and then after my second child my skin went nuts. I was on antibiotics and everything else short of accutane (did it as a teen). Turns out my derm was actually making me worse with some of the stuff he was recommending. I had no idea that acne was a fundamental problem of our pores getting clogged from make up and oil. I mean, even tho I knew- I thought NON COMODGENIC meant it was sa
  10. I am currently studying the comedogenicity of products since I am CONVINCED my dermatologist is actually MAKING ME WORSE with his useless product referrals. I realize my acne looks very much like "clogged pore" make up acne. I also began thinking about how ironically after my derm suggested I try Jane Iredale makeup I began getting worse. IT'S a CONSPIRACY - I swear. I understand a gazillion people can use Jane Iredale's products safely, I just can't. Don't know why. Does anyone have a list o
  11. Well the fish is probably great, but the white rice probably isn't so good :( But yah I love it too!! I eat it all the time here hehe

  12. Hey Shaara! I'm Canadian TOOOOOO!!! How awesome is that! I'm in the States tho. I looooove sushi - is it good for your skin?

  13. You're really beautiful :D

  14. WOW! I know there has GOT to be a diet link in my case. I just feel so ill after eating carbs. I am a total addict and I have to stop. This is WAY worse than smoking ever was to give up! I have noticed that when I eat less bread ( I am allergic to milk so I KNOW thats part of my prob) I just FEEL SOOOO much better. Especially when I concentrate on eating fruit and more fish. I really hate this part of getting older because I realize I am self-medicating to some extent with food. CHOCOLATE IS
  15. THANKS!!! Good info. I'm finally turning over my belief that what we eat DOES affect our skin. It's just that I had a really clear run of beautiful skin in 20's and early 30's. NOW I think what it is is that our bodies simply can't handle the toxins as well as they could when we were young! Age has finally caught up to me. I started back on Dan's BP this week and washing my face with a mixture of cetaphil cleansers ( the gentle one and the oil free one) to keep my face hydrated. Then in the mo