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  1. Thirdly, I want to say thank you to everyone who loves me.  Since being reborn, I've learned most people tend to hate me.  Well, I always knew that, but I never knew why until recently.  Anyways, fuck everybody who doesn't.  I love you all.  Especially one person.  No offense to the rest of you.  

  2. Second:  Fuck you Bumpynose, for thinking I had a mental breakdown over a stupid nose scar.  You think I'm that weak?  I'm real offended.  Of all the shit I've been through, I'm not gonna breakdown over some shit like that.  I'm sure half of you would kill yourselves if you had to experience my worse day.

  3. First:  Fuck you Temperatecent/Lucas89.  Instead of attempting to disprove everyone's success stories with your theories and findings on the internet, why won't you just ask these people any questions you may have on how they've accomplished that feat?   you've been on this site for a long time, and you go to war with anyone out of fustration.  And you've still not cured your condition.

  4. OMG! So you saying I can skip the Cortisone shit and go straight for the dermaroller??? Thanks for your updates! We all love you for them!
  5. Oh no, I thought you had gone to some special kind of clinic I've never heard of. And I was asking so I could recommend that to someone else who I was trying to help. The only successful food sensitivity test I've had was a skin prick test I did last year. I also had a blood test that was too inaccurate to detect anything. But I couldn't afford a naturopath, so I just figured out myself. (I also mistakenly got those tests for "free")
  6. well i had a windows phone, which it ran great on in internet form. I'm currently on a flip phone which is obselete for internet isage. I can't type with that shit. Anyway, I don't have an iphone or an android, but if it runs as great with a browser on those phones as it did my windows phone, then "I wouldn't want an app for that."
  7. Interesting... I know my acne was caused by food sensitivities, which were caused by leaky gut, which was caused by candida overgrowth. So when I avoid foods I'm sensitive to, I'm clear. And I'll be cured once I kill the candida and heal myself. So your diet wouldn't work for me, but I'm sure it would work for tons of other people. Milk breaks me out, and so does solid cheese. Melted cheese doesn't do too much damage, though. But I think I will try avoiding dairy anyways since I just rece
  8. Well, for me, if I eat grapes I'll get small pimples the same day. The more I eat, the worse (and potentially bigger) they get. I get pimples from apples usually the next day, sometimes 2 days. Sometimes the same day if I eat enough of em. The pimples also very in size and severity depending on how much I eat. Just depends which fruit. Usually same day for me with every food. The only reason it would show up after 2 days is if I keep eating them everyday and it slowly builds up. P.S. B
  9. This post is fuckn pathetic. Why don't you focus on you instead blaming fat women for your problems. If you're so fortunate that you can go have sex with 10 girls in one night like u said in your post, then wtf are you doing here? Looking for love? No one wants to be with a concieted person.
  10. Yeah. Let's sit here and talk shit about Fat women, and just women in general instead of focusing on finding a cure for our acne. #524
  11. I'm still learning this. I've noticed all my friends are now followers. Is there away to keep them as friends or followers, without allowing the updates that are sent to them when I post and like content? cuz I know I'll be one annoying friend! if you know what I mean... lol P.S. I'm saying this cuz one of my friends almost stopped following me. I don't want anyone to take the winking as a shot at them, cuz I'm the annoying one, not you guys. I love you guys(friends).
  12. Same here, Nichole! I've had acne since 11, and have been a virgin all my life because of it. I'm 19 now, and I've cleared my acne. But I've got this nose bump scar I got from the last cyst I had ever gotten on my nose! Isn't that about a- Anyways, it's ironic because had I not gotten acne, I would have lost my virginity at 12, cuz I moved to the hood rand these 2 15 year old girls approached me while I had a hoodie on and they approached me wanting to "get down." (they couldn't really see
  13. i just apply on cotton ball and put on the area i have to say; this pass 2 months my nose was looking terrible, redness all over the scar area, alot of scabs, very dry, but im very happy with the results so far, ill keep my eyes open to see if the scar will went back, i will post here How did it go? Did it grow back?
  14. I like your post and can agree with you on sleeping with people while having bad acne. I think you may do well gong natural and finding the cause of your acne. Don't put your hope and money into treatments. If they don't succeed, you've only wasted time and possibly made it worse. reading your post encouraged me to share this with you because I think you would do well. Anyways, good luck!