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    Hello Worms,<br /><br />Welcome to my profile,<br />if you are here- you are obviously forgetting this is an acne site<br />and wasting your fucking time watching every little move i make.<br /><br />Pervert.
  1. this guy is always putting people down. loser

  2. lol what day

  3. lol i don't smell like tuna...it's just my nick name...Tina...Tuna.. :-D


  5. Thanks for all the sweet comments. =D

  6. you leave such sweet comments!

  7. does mullets look good? I am thinking of growing one

  8. You dont fool me faggot

  9. What kind of stoopid name is that? Learn to spell moran

  10. Get a hobby. I collect stamps, do bird watching and am an admirer of antique coins. Never a dull moment in my life, i tell ya
  11. I dont intend on marrying anyone anytime soon

  12. will you mary me?

  13. you could be allergic to it, or an ignrediant in your aloe vera product. Try the raw plant, if that doesn't work, your skin might be sensitive to aloe vera.