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  1. Popping zits properly is perfectly ok. It's not something I would ever do myself, due to the potential for scarring & spreading the infection, but when I've had it done by professionals, the zits go away faster -- even the marks that they usually leave behind fade faster than if not drained. And I've never had any scarring from this. Now, $350 does sound expensive for a peel, and I think the every 2 weeks schedule is maybe a little more intense than needed, but I don't think it's actually
  2. I took Accutane in high school (8 years ago), and it was the best thing I could have ever done. I have scars, sure, but I'd much rather have the scars than a face covered in pimples. Accutane is a risky drug, sure, and it's important to understand the risks before you start it, but it does really, really help some people. -k
  3. Finally the pimples I had from when I was lazy with my skin care are going away. They looked *so* gross for a while. Grr. So, no active pimples right now, which is pretty cool. Skin is still peeling, pretty much every day, but that's fine. I used to have all these little "holes" on my cheeks, close to my nose. I was never sure of what they were -- large pores, tiny scars, whatever -- but they were ugly. And now they're going away. Pretty cool. Plus, my skin keeps looking smoother. Think
  4. The Obagi regimen (info @ obagi.com) -- it's a somewhat involved skin care regimen that works with retin-a/retin-a micro. It's supposed to help with overall skin health, including acne scars. I've been on it for 3 months, and so far I really like it -- I was just inspecting my skin this morning, and my skin definitely looks smoother, which is pretty cool. I think that most people on here haven't had great success with it, though... -kristin
  5. *grins* Well, it does. It peels a bunch, but I'm doing the aggressive Obagi thing, so it's supposed to -- I think the peeling helps with the wrinkles & discoloration.
  6. I do this nightly (for about 3 months now) -- it's definitely helped with the beginnings of fine lines around my eyes, and perhaps even with dark circles. It does cause the skin around my eyes to be dry, and sometimes to peel, but like I said -- I do it every night. Doing it once a week would probably not cause dryness or peeling. -kristin
  7. Hey -- I'd recommend using mineral makeup while on Accutane if you skin gets dry (mine did). I'm currently using retin-a micro, which makes my skin really dry & peely. Normal foundation makes it look gross, but I've got Jane Iredale powder that works really well. Plus, it won't clog your pores or anything. As for lip gloss -- you might try using medicated blistex with lip gloss over it. -k
  8. The way I understand it, you want fresh squeezed lemon juice. I don't think it matters if you add it to hot or cold water. You want about the juice from half a lemon, per day. I use just under three teaspoons per 32 oz of water. Don't overdo it -- you'll hurt your stomach!
  9. back. ) I was sick for a while, so ended up falling into bed w/o washing my face & putting on the retin-a micro/blender. Bad Kristin! Anyway...back on track now. I had a really annoying breakout while I was slacking on my skin care -- both corners of my mouth had 5-6 zits. Ick. Anyway, since I restarted the regimen this past Saturday night, I've only got a few of those left, and they're healing fairly quickly. Skin still looks pretty good, in terms of wrinkles, scars, etc. I'm h
  10. I'm very fair -- good old pale Irish skin. I know that the place that recommended Obagi to me carries another skin care line, but I can't for the life of me remember what it was -- could be biomedic, but it also might be MD forte. I'll look next time I'm there... -kristin
  11. I have to say that I disagree with most of you. I've been using Obagi for almost 2 months now, and I definitely didn't have flawless skin to begin with (rolling & ice pick scars, large pores, red spots from past breakouts, uneven skin tone, etc., etc.). My skin is overall more smooth and even, with fewer blackheads, less oil, and no breakouts (even around my chin area, which has always been a major problem for me). My scars are less noticeable -- my bf says that whereas before, my skin had a
  12. Just wanted to share... I've been using retin-a micro (with the Obagi system) for about 1.5 months, and it's definitely working -- on scars, pore size, and general skin tone. My bf and I have been in hotels the last couple of nights, and you know how hotel bathrooms always have those evil fluorescent lights? I used to stay far, far away from the mirror in hotel bathrooms, because my skin looked awful! I just realized yesterday that my skin now actually looks decent -- I mean, not perf
  13. retin-a twice a day, as well as 8% bp really sounds too harsh. You might want to switch to retin-a just once a day (@ night), and maybe either a lower % of bp, or no bp at all. How is your skin doing? Is it clear? -kristin
  14. Of course, everyone's different, but for me it definitely calmed down significantly. Still a bit of peeling though, but I only really notice it in the morning. -kristin
  15. Long time since I last updated... Same old thing -- redness, peeling, dry skin, etc., etc. One pimple on the left side of my chin, along the jaw, a few on my neck, just below jaw line. Otherwise, clear, though I do have 2-3 small bumps that aren't pimples, though they are pink -- hard to explain. One on each cheek, close to my nose, and one just below my lip on the left side. Had them for around a month now, I think. They're small, so I'm not too worried, but I still wish they'd go awa