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  1. Dude thats gotta be one of the best avatars

  2. When will it stop!? I have been having a really bad breakout the past week and a half and I don't know if it will end. And its the worst timing! I'm going abroad this week and I wanted my skin to be slightly clear when I left, but It has gotten only worse. I still have that giant double zit next to my mouth and the big one on my forehead is going away, but its still very noticeable and red. then around my chin/mouth I've got a new ones from a day ago, even another today. I would say that I
  3. Well, I have a very big pimple right next to my mouth again, but its REALLY BIG. and I have a nice spot right in the middle of my eyes that has been there for the past few days. The spot next to my mouth was kinda strange. about 4 days ago I felt that spot on my face and it was kinda sore and tender and I could feel a tiny bump. THen in the next day it started to grow and now its a giant pimple, maybe a double one. Its still tender and very very annoying! The one on my forehead is bad, but
  4. Sorry about your tough prediciment Cali... Well, I think it's actually workin!? I don't know if I can realy say this yet, but the active acne on my face has been very minimal. Right now I am dealing mainly with many redmarks and some spots of acne on my forehead which usualy isn't much of a problem area, but my hair has gotten pretty long so I wil attribute that tothe cause. I hope that things keep up like this and that my redmarks can begin to clear because sometimes it still looks like its ac
  5. Well, it's been a week and although I think that I have a little improvement in my skin, it is still too early to tell what the results will be. Too many people change a regimine only after a few days of not seeing any progress. However, most treatments take a few weeks before you can truly ttell if it is or isn't working. That's why I can't really say whether or not this idea of not washing my face is helping. Even though my face looks like it is getting better, it only may be temporary and
  6. I still have a really annoying, slightly painful pimple just below my lip that won't go away! I keep breaking out around there. everything else seems to be going alright
  7. Don't waste your time with it. sorry
  8. Just took a shower and rinsed my face lightly in the warm water. one of the pimples I thought was going to be small has ended up to be pretty big...oh well. Maybe i will look better tomorrow, but I'm almost positive it wont. I really just want it all to go away. I feel like its going to be wierd when I see friends I haven't seen in a wihle and they see me with acne again. I don't like thinking about that
  9. I have a new pimple on the left side of my face! Its about time because for a while I have just been piling on acne only on the right side of my fcace for some reason. Nothin much is really happening to my face. I don' hace much new stuff, but some things have yet to subside. I'm getting a litle antsy, but it will be a while before I can hope that my face will look clear. My problem areas in the past month have been right around my mouth, but it has also started to spread around my cheeks.
  10. I finallyhave 2 new pimples! But they are pretty small, at least for now. Also my old breakout is still SLOWLY going away
  11. haha, oh no! I AM a procrastinator, but that's just the way I get things done sometimes. Good news is I am done with my huge paper...bad news is that I still have another weak of studdying and some small papers. As for skin, I took a shower this morning and just rinsed my face with warm water very gently and quickly. I don't believe that I have any new pimples on my face, but the old ones are still around, but slowly fading. My redmarks and fading acne looks pretty darn bad, but I am just h
  12. Ya, I'm not sure how much faith I have in this type of regimine, but its worth a shot. It seems to be logical that everytime you have a little flair up, you immediately freak out and try to think of ways to cleanse your skin or apply some sort of treatment and then next thing you know,...bam! more acne. So I think it makes a little bit of sense. As for topicals and meds... I have tried proactive, which was a joke, made me a lot worse, but that was also just as I started to get bad acne. I
  13. ha, ya. Pimples are so promiscuous, getting around everywhere even in your nose. I've had a few of those in my nose for sure in the past. Looking in the mirror today I realised that my face is doing pretty shitty...it reminds me of when I was breaking out in high school, ugh. I can't do much about it though and right now I don't have the time. So, what better way to help than not do anything! I haven't touched my face with any water today and won't until I take a shower...I'm just going to