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  1. Hi guys , Writing a blog about my acne in order to help myself record my skin's habbits, and to help other acne sufferers has always something I've wanted to do. I don't know why it has taken me 10+ years of suffering with acne to finally get round to it, but I am here now. Like I just mentioned, I have lived with on-off mild/moderate acne for 10+ years. My earliest memory of having bad skin was when I started secondary school, I remember I had to get a photograph taken to renew my passport and
  2. Hi guys, Firstly its amazing to be part of this community. We all know what we are going through, and that already makes me feel slightly better as I sit and type this message with an ice pack to my face to calm down my massive break out, but later i'll talk about that. Since I hit puberty I have never NOT had spots. I wouldn't say I have acne, although when I break out...i BREAK OUT. I can go through months of clear skin, then suddenly one comes, I feel another, a family arrives, then my
  3. Started feeling hopeful, Ended feeling worse

    / / / Too harsh on skin Caused a major break out Caused itchy and irritated skin I'm a 21 year old Male firstly, with sensitive skin. I am prone to the occasional white head and was using Cliniques rinse off foaming cleanser which was working fine for me but my mum wanted to start me on this to try and see if it would clear my skin up completely and well, it only made it worse. I know with starting new products you have to give it a few weeks to work but after 6 days I couldn't take it.
  4. Hi guys, Firstly can I say how good this forum is and how good it feels to be able to talk with other people who know how it feels to suffer from breakouts and acne. Basically you guys I suffered bad skin since a teenager. From 16-18 I grew out of it but every few months I would get a really bad breakout. I started using Clinique Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser for Dry Combination to Normal Skin Types 150ml and it worked. It didn't really dry my skin out or irritate it and it didn't leave me too oi