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  1. Hi everybody, I saw that julie on perfectcomplexion.net has a hyaloronicacid product for $49,99 (1 oz.) Anyone tried this? I have tried another HA-gel for some years ago and it didn't do anything for my scars but it temporary plumped them up!!! So I hope that julie's "pure hyaloronic" does the same... Annette
  2. Hi and welcome Whitegold, Look into the TCA cross method as well, it's a cheap treatment and it's make a different if you have servere scarring problems. I haven't done it yet, but I'm planning to as soon as know for sure I have a steady hand to put the acid into every single scar (and not to the surrounding area)... I spottreat my scars with the not so strong tca-complex, just to learn the technique. I have seen some improvements in my scars from this too!!! Annette
  3. Hejsan Ingrid! If you want something with bensoyl peroxide like in "Dans regim" just go to "Apoteket" and get Brevoxyl or Bexid 4%. They also have Stioxyl 5% or 10%. I don't think Stioxyl contains more of the active bensoyl peroxide, but it contains more of alcohol and could be a bit drying. I hope you find what you want and need. Annette
  4. Kiuti, Are you washing away the gel with a gentle soap? You should only have it on for about 45 min. Annette
  5. Thank you Maya, I'm doing well. My bumps from the dermalive-filler (if you remember) are a lot better. Some of them are gone, some are still there but smaller and softer. I still have corticoid-shots, but not as often as before. Sometimes I feel that my skin after I get the implants, is so much more sensitive. Or not the skin but the skin surrounding the dermalive. I have been using glycolic and lactic acid for many years without any troubble. Maybe I overdid it and with too strong acid and th
  6. Maya, just wondering, have Dr Chu seen your improvements from the TCA cross???What does he think about this method? I have some red marks or should I say all my deep scars are a bit red, but I don't care, it's the pitted holes that bothers me... Annette
  7. Emma, now you finally know what they are, and perhaps your skin look real great when you've done the dermabrasion/laser and the bumps are gone. Good luck with all this, Annette
  8. Hi, After my laser treatment i used "Joe Blasco" Special Red Neutralizer, it has some green pigment in it to cover up the redness in your face. Talk to the doctor about the retin-a and the other stuff you want to use, but I think you have to wait 3-6 weeks. Good luck and don't forget to always protect your skin with a high SPF-cream!!! Annette
  9. swedishgirl


    Nice of you Tamara! Annette
  10. swedishgirl


    Oursfan, Do you have a regim like Maya? I saw one at the positive scartreatment- topic, but it's from august... An update maybe??? Thanks, Annette
  11. berrym, it's good that you found this board so you can express your feelings, most of us know what you are going trough. When I was pregnant for about eight years ago, my skin broke out in big, nasty cysts. Then it was a bit better when the estragenlevels where at the highest, but after I gave up breastfeeding, the cysts came back. I've got accutane and I've got big boxscars on my cheeks. I was feeling deppressed and I was too embarrassed to talk to the father of my son. Everything else,
  12. Hi, I have done my third corticoidtreatment today and the bumps start to shrink down. When they were at the biggest, they made all my scars looked more visible. Not fun at all... But of course I'm so glad that they seams to go away, and all other problems seams so small. I asked the doc if there is something a should avoid in the future, but she said that there isn't. Maybe I can do the tca cross, at least on the shallower scars (not treated with dermalive)? And I also want to try the tca per