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  1. IzZaT

    4Th Try

    I'm on the accutane for 40 days now, most of the worst acne has simmer down since i have IB on week 2. I'm using cetaphil for daily washing twice a day, retin-a at night and cetaphil moisturizer. btw is it ok for me to use retin-a then after 10mins i put on the moisturizer? the acne breakout is not really severe but my skin colour makes it look awful, and by awful i mean making me look like i have severe acne breakout. it's because i have this really fair/pale skin colour and most of the f
  2. okay, but my dermatologist is the one that prescribe 0.05 and accutane with it. said that before i sleep, i should put on some retin-a on the pimples or scars. and this isn't my first accutane, early this year i was off accutane and my skin was fine but after about 6 month, the acne starts to form and starts to break out again.
  3. nope. 0.05 or so i guess... should i asked for stronger one?
  4. I'm curious to know, is there any good product i could buy, over the counter or even prescription gel or cream that heals hyperpigmentation and scars really reallllly fast? i'm currently on accutane and using retin-a. but the retin-a doesn't really seem to do much help even in the long run. i know scars may not even heal at all and i don't really mind as it resemble skin colour because my skin is really fair and the red marks makes it look terrible in bright lights any advice?
  5. IzZaT

    Initial Breakout

    i'm really frustrated right now cause new bums are forming and the old ones still at large this have to be the worst breakout i had and i felt awfully depressed scars all over my face and now new deep pimples are forming it really pains me to look at my own reflection :/
  6. IzZaT

    Accutane Low Dose Terrified!

    There are side effects, but that doesn't mean that when you pop a pill and the next day you be bald. I'm also on a low dose which is 20mg per day, which some people actually take about 40mg a day. you should consider taking a pill once for every two days for better and faster results
  7. IzZaT

    Initial Breakout

    i know it's still early for my face to get better, but the breakout isn't like lots of small red dots but a really large about 5 of them scattered, deep cyst. there's one giant on my forehead and it really pains me to walk around the campus like this... any tips to reduce the size of it? i'm using retin-a a lot but it doesn't seem to shrink the size of it and it has been there for more than a week
  8. It has been more than 2 weeks of my accutane course, and somehow my left side of the face breakout tremendously. my skin is very dry which is normal, and the initial breakout made me uncomfortable going out, but right now it's the peak of my first semester in college sooooooooo....yeaahh. can't run away from classes and other stuff. All i wanted to ask is how long does the initial breakout last? the pimples are all sensitive and i think it's a cystic acne (huge bums with no head) Help!