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  1. Cant see your pics??

    1. http://www.hairtell.com/forum/ubbthreads.p...Board/36/page/1 tell your story on that messageboard.
    2. ' stay gold, stay gold pony boy' fuckin fantastic movie!!!

      1. total disaster on my beard. had about 12 treatments over the course of 2 years. dealt with the acne and patchy hair loss cause they kept telling me i'd eventually be hairfree. well its been 1.5 years since my last treatment and i still have patchy hair loss all over my face that looks disgusting. it looks a mess even when clean shaven. the acne left me with scars. i'd still have the horrible acne except for one thing. i went on accutane. although now i have severe eczema from the accutane, bec
      2. Check out this clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llvP-7XgTEE Aubrey De Gray is a scientist at Cambridge Univ. He says that metabolism ---> damage ---> pathology. So if you can treat the damage you can stop it from becoming pathogenic, hence stop disease and aging. He calls this the "engineering approach" instead of a geriatric or gerontological approach. I thought this was interesting so I emailed him about Fraxel. He probably already knows about it since it's an anti-aging technolog
      3. know what else? i got so depressed after my golden time ended. that i took antidepressants. it made me gain weight real fast at first. only like 20 pounds and i lost it in a few months. but it was enough to give me stretch marks. then i had a rash on accutane and used high potency topical steroids. so that gave me more stretch marks. so now im looking at fraxel 3 to get rid of them. afraid to even work out cause my skin is so dry, fragile, and prone to stretch marks at this point. and i wont t
      4. yeah this guy is putting us all on anyway. no one who grew up in america with television and elementary school education will actually believe this. i can only chalk it up to him getting excited at a novel "cure" for his troublesome therapy-resistant acne. google acne in your next round of scientific analysis, dude. its the closest thing to a "cure" aka long term remission. oh yeah and how often do you think good looking acne free supermodels and such have sex? im guessing as often as they c
      5. good diet is healthy in a number of ways. but to come on here with some random website that is trying to sell you chopped up oregano, common. just send the money to me and i'll photoshop photos of you so people who never meet you can say wow, he was right about mastubation and acne, lol.
      6. god i skimmed ur post and just saw the part about supermodels. guess what its called PHOTOSHOP. and before that airbrushing was done mechanically. literally with a brush that shot paint spray. its been around since photography was invented. oh and supermodels and actors have bad skin. but you'll never know that if the only thing you use for research is google search engine.
      7. yeah my cholesterol went up temporarily on tane. but i get my tests every month and now its back down to BELOW the normal range. yes i have low cholesterol. haha. having a shit diet doesn't help acne. but its a brought on by puberty and testosterone, nothing else. k? god can we ban the jerk-offs who write about jerking off? i have to go jerk off . . .
      8. so you don't want to tell me the golden?!! you views me post and no gonna tell me? stay gold pony boy, stay gold.
      9. unless they are new and healing vitamins aint gonna do anything. try getting www.fraxel.com then take vitamin C (collagen can't be formed without it). and extra protein.
      10. hahaha. i jerk off 3-4 times a day and not one zit. thank you accutane and greedy doctors and greedy drug companies. god bless greed. greed is good. greed cured my acne. LOL LOL LOL p.s. i usually do each jerk for like several hours
      11. http://www.fraxel.com http://www.reliant-tech.com