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  2. Soft focus, You stated that you had or still have hyperpigentation..so why are you going to sit in the sun which will only make the hypepigmetation worse(darken, and also damage your skin.....hense the use for BROAD SPECTRUM SUNSCREEN UVA/UVB PROCTECTION! There is a reason why people take Vitamin D supplements. Using the sunscreen will protect your skin from the sun's rays. And yes, some antibiotics will cause sensitivity to sunlight. As for acne medication. If you discontinue them
  3. Hello, I just discontinued Spironolactone due to the fact that it caused Acid Reflux which I have never had before taking this medication. It is not listed as a side effect but this medication is the ONLY thing that changed in my daily routine. I was only taking 50mg daily in the morning with food and I was going on my 3rd week of taking this medication. I drank plenty of water and did not have the dizziness or dehydration that is associated with this potassium-sparing diuretic. This med
  4. My advice to you would be to ask your physician...the same physician who prescribed this medication and started you on this. If this physician is not available, you could always check with the pharmacy regarding this medication. Some medications can not be stopped abruptly.This medication I am not sure about... you may have to slowly taper yourself off of this or wean yourself off of it due to the side effect of having a bad acne flare-up.
  5. 4 weeks after you start the medication. A potassium test should be done prior to starting Spironolactone so that the doctor has the baseline level before beginning the medication. This medication needs to be monitored in case there are foods you are eating that contain potassium in high amounts. Since potassium is not being expelled in your urine it has the ability of building up in your body and causing Hyperkalemia. My dose is also 50mg daily. I have to have my test done in a few weeks pri
  6. Hello, I am a newbie here at acne.org. I was reading the postings for the medication Spironolactone. This is a potassium-sparing diuretic which is used to treat acne in females by reducing the amount of androgens(male hormones) in the body. Please keep in mind that while it keeps or retains potassium in the body, it may be deleting the body of other important vitamins and minerals. If you are taking a multi-vitamin please be sure to see if potassium is on the list. If so, try to find a mu