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  1. Hey guys so it's been exactly 2 months and 11 days since I started my acne journey and the regimen and I can honestly say I'm 99% acne free!!! For those that don't know what I was doing... I washed with lush coal face, treated with quinoderm 5% (BP) and moisturised with simple anti blemish moisturiser twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. This worked for me, it was a slow process and I gave myself 2 months to give the regimen a chance and honestly speaking I started seeing drastic
  2. So it's day 16 on this new regimen that I'm doing for my moderate/severe hormonal acne! For those that are interested the regimen is washing (gently) with lush coal face, applying benzoyl peroxide generously to affected areas and then moisturising with simple anti blemish moisturiser. So I've been doing this routine for over 2 weeks now and I must admit that I haven't noticed anything drastic in terms of an improvement in my skin. I can however say that my skin is not getting worse despite s
  3. Tashpants

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    Progress of my skin over the coming weeks/months on the regimen at different intervals
  4. So quick run down of my acne story. I've never had "acne" before. I'm 23 now and besides the odd spot here and there during that time of the month & hyperpigmentation I've had pretty good skin, not perfect but for the most part pretty damn good! In April/June this year my skin started acting up, I'm talking big huge spots on my forehead especially. I used black soap and that helped clear it up a lot but not completely so I decided to take extra measures, I came off the implant that I thought