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  1. I am 2 months post-accutane and almost all of the red marks are gone. I still have a few that are left.
  2. Some people gain an incredible eating habit while others like me lost theirs.
  3. In my town, there has been an increased amount of pollution. Suprisingly, me with others who had PERFECT skin in highschool, all seem to be breaking out now. I took accutane and am clear, but my other friends are getting acne spurts. Like a lot of people are starting to get it. Think it is because of pollution?
  4. I had hair thinning and it seems all of it was due to thinking about it too much. I would sit there stressing about the problem forever and when I finished accutane, the hair was still falling out. So, I shaved my head (I am a guy) and for 2 months I never worried once about my hair. When it grew back in to normal length, it was thick as ever again. Mind over matter.
  5. Typing out a paragraph explaining how your new life will begin is one thing, to actually carry through with it is another. The best course of action is to think it in your head and follow through silently without telling anyone. Why? If you fail and get set back, no one will know of your failure.
  6. I made this topic and I am not sure what mine will be. I am actually thinking about this for a bit.
  7. The sad thing about all of this is that it makes you realize how easy it is to just end it all. How easy it is to fix your disfigurement by ending your life. Really does make you think and what your next move is, is just another move in a game called "LIFE."
  8. Okay, the scars on my cheeks look like someone took a 1 layer of skin type chunk out of it. The scars width is about this - (the width of that line). Like I said, it looks like only one layer of the skin is gone. I think there are like 7 layers until you hit the epidermis. I haven't seen many acne scars in my life so would you guys consider this to be big scarring or small? If big, what would work to correct it? EDIT: I am running 1024 x 768 resolution so that line will be bigger on 800x60
  9. You don't realize how successful some people are until you see this mans scars. I am not sure whether it is from acne or not, but I do know for him being an African American (which can make it harder to see scars), he has A HUGE ONE. It is like the grand canyon on his face, but look at how he is doing in life. Good songs as well. Just remember, it can always be worse than what you have.
  10. You really should post them. What is someone going to say to you? HAHA you have horrible scarring when they too have bad scarring? Everyone here is looking for answers on how to better their appearance. Yes, I know it isn't easy to post them, but you will end up going to other sites, comparing your face to theirs and never really knowing is yours worse or better. I hope you get the courage to post them. It will help you and others out a lot.
  11. What is the worst that could happen from AC_United's program? Brett, could end up having the worst skin imaginable.
  12. When I had acne, washing my face was the worst thing I could do. At my best of times before accutane, I hadn't washed my face once for over a year. Everytime I washed my face BREAKOUT.
  13. The lemon might annoy your skin. Really depends how much of it there is. Some people can handle the highest concentration, while others cannot endure any. Try it on your upper back first. Your upper back is a good place to test products out. If everything in good, then go for it.
  14. I am a guy, but I am seeing an increasing number of girls here asking about Yas. A lot of girls would be really interested in your log I am sure.
  15. Quitting smoking helps some people SO MUCH with acne.