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  1. It's been about 5 months since I stopped taking accutane because I developed an anxiety problem while I was on it and at this point I almost wish I had never taken it at all. 1) Still have side effects!! Lips are still chapped all the time, scalp is still dry and itchy... what gives? I was expecting these to go away after acouple weeks! Also getting dry patches on my chest... 2) Still having anxiety problems. I get anxiety around family members! It's completely ridiculous. My face blushes/flus
  2. I stopped taking accutane about 5 months ago and I still flush. I wouldn't get your hopes up. It takes a while.
  3. Basically what Tenshi said. Accutane severely weakens your liver. Alcohol is filtered through your liver. Thus you can mess up your liver by drinking heavily on accutane. A few drinks every now and then should be okay.
  4. I absolutely believe that accutane can cause chemical imbalances in the brain and thus lead to psychological problems. I didn't develop depression on accutane, but I developed extreme anxiety while I was on it and my derm agreed that I should stop early. I never had anxiety problems before I started accutane and then about a month in I started having panic attacks. I didn't tell anyone about them because I wanted to go through my course but eventually it became unbearable. I've been off accutane
  5. Don't use BP at all while on accutane. It will only further dry out your skin and it's use is unnecessary while on accutane. Only wash with a mild soap/cleanser such as cetaphil or dove.
  6. Yeah, same thing happened to me. You're gonna have to stop washing your hair so much, and ALWAYS make sure you use conditioner. Once every other day might even be too much, but try it and see if it works for you. I ended up only washing my hair once or twice a week. Sounds gross and unhygenic, but my scalp was so damn dry that my hair never got oily. Well, good luck.
  7. From my experience, yes you will break out in different areas at different times. First it was my chin and my cheeks. Then my forehead started and then my neck and jawline. Like you said when one area would start to look a little better another area would start up. Eventually it'll stop.
  8. 1) Genetics (Mom and brother both had acne) 2) Tanning beds (Dried out my skin too much) 3) Crappy over the counter products (Further irritated my sensitive skin) 4) ProActiv (Thought this deserved to be separated from #3 because it messed up my skin so much)
  9. They just came out on their own. Like I said, it was really kind of cool...or maybe I'm just weird. Give it a little more time, but I bet if they aren't being pushed out already you will notice it happening soon. Look in the mirror at an angle and see if they look pushed out at all. Believe me, when it happens you'll see it.
  10. It should. That's Rachel Bilson from the TV show "The O.C."
  11. While I was on tane my blackheads were literally pushed right out of the skin. It was the only thing I actually enjoyed about taking accutane, I just thought it was really interesting. As far as I know the same thing happens to mostly everybody. At this point it's only been a month since I've been off but my pores look much much better.
  12. Go on accutane for a week or two and then see if you still need to ask this question.
  13. Yeah, acne is a horrible, horrible thing. It will end. I'm done with accutane and no more bloody shirts! Now I'm just dealing with the red marks and scars. It'll be the happiest day of my life when I can take my shirt off and not be looking at a bunch of spots. It'll help once spring comes and I can get a little color too. I'm so damn pale right now. Good luck to you and thanks for the kind words.
  14. Well consider that the people who's acne doesn't come back wouldn't be likely to come back to the board, so you're not really hearing from everyone. People who's acne has come back are gonna come here and talk about their second course. From what I know you're more likely to not get your acne back then you are likely to get it back. Don't freak out about it unless it happens.