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  1. how are things going for anyone that is currently using the 12% souffle?? My results are still consistent... a littttle improvement each day.
  2. Hi DolceDolce, Yes these products are available in Walmart in Canada. I live in Ontario actually so I know this for a fact. Toronto area to be more specific, hope this helps..
  3. Hi guys, I've been using the 12 % souffle now for about 2 weeks, and I'd say my red marks have diminished by about 30% now.. skin texture is very smooth and breakouts are not happening!! Just wanted to give u guys an update.
  4. Try dove bar soap for sensitive skin, or cetaphil gentle bar soap. Both execellant choices however I do lean slightly towards the cetaphil bar. My skin is completely clear aside from a few red marks I am fighting off with AHA, I do believe the cetaphil has played a signifigant role! Good luck
  5. The souffle has really been making a difference in my redmarks.. I'd say they have faded about 20% so far.. that's an improvement I'm really happy with at this point.. and my skin is glowing.. I keep getting compliments on my complexion.. something that has never happened to me before! The alpha hydrox line can be found at most Walmarts I believe, not sure of what area you are in, but try a walmart! good luck guys!!
  6. I have been using the souffle for about 4-5 days now and have noticed some of my red marks fading... I am clear other than the red marks........ my fingers are crossed! I can't believe how smooth this stuff makes my skin feel..
  7. I'm using the 12% souffle, and the nourishing cleanser, I alternate with the souffle morning and night (one day morning, next day- night) I've already noticed smoother skin, and the souffle just feels calming to me, like when I put it on I feel like I'm doing something good for my skin. I don't know if it's going to help with all my red marks yet but my hopes are still high at this point.
  8. Hey, I just bought the alpha hydrox souffle, I really like it.. i've only used it twice so far though.. and yea, I wait like 5 minutes in the morning after applying it then I put a light layer of my cetaphil moisturizer on. Keep me updated on how it works for you if you decide to use it, and I'll let ya know how it goes for me. I mainly bought it for all the red marks left on my cheeks from past zits... gawd they are so stubborn Oh yea, and before this I was using the neutrogena one with aha
  9. Has anyone tried this product line? what were your results? how did you skin react to the products? I have recently bought the 12% souffle as well as the micro bead nourishing cleanser, I like both of them however have only used a few times so far. Did the aha in these products help with your red marks and do you feel it has given you consistent results? Anyone? Thanks, Cheers!
  10. The only way that I'd use ivory soap is if I was cleansing with it sort of like on a rotation.. like ivory once then 3 days of cetaphil or dove.. then ivory again. It helps keep oil in check but not a bar soap I'd consider using everyday. Hope this helps
  11. I do the same thing... or use one or the other... just depends how my skin feels on that particular day
  12. In my experience it might be eczema, I get the same sort of reaction every now and then and treat it with Hydrocortizone cream. My doctor diagnosed and prescribed me. You should see a doc.
  13. AHA moisturizer, Vitamin E cream and supplements.. multivitamins.. Evening Primrose Oil , Daily Exfoliation
  14. This happened to me the first time I tried Yasmin as well. I turned into an absolutely crazy person. Yelling at my boyfriend all the time.. crying.. the whole works. I stopped taking it and switched to Ortho Tricyclen Lo The Ortho did nothing for my skin and I completely lossed my sex drive. I really wanted to see if Yasmin was all it was worked up to be regarding acne and skin, so I decided to try it again and that way I could really determine whether it was the yasmin that made me go bonke