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  1. TrentAH

    Chemical Peel Burn

    Did you get it done by a doctor???
  2. TrentAH


    Thinking of getting a Jungle brew peel.........
  3. TrentAH

    Ingrown Hairs

    A question do men here suffer from ingrown hairs when shaving??? Any tips or products thata ctually work to prevent them?? I've tried everything.....
  4. TrentAH

    Breaks me out.

    Breaks me out.

    Light weight Cheap Absorbes well. Breaks me out. Ive used this a few times over the past 2 years and every time I seem to break out from it. UGH, very annoying, it is light weight and rubs in well but the Salicylic acid in it seems to react with my skin.
  5. TrentAH

    Mr Matt

    Knowing my luck Id screw up my face even more, so would rather go to a dr and get it done LOL.
  6. Ive seen alot worse, your skin looks really good Thanks for sharing your pics.
  7. TrentAH

    Mr Matt

    Is it bad doing peels yourself? Risky I mean... I am conisdering going to a dr who does peels.. I have large pores, blackheads, whiteheads, pigmentation from an old tan lamp burn.... Has anyone heard of the Jungle Brew peel???
  8. TrentAH

    Retin A

    Ret a did nothing for my lage pores and acne, I think it actually made the pores bigger, especially on my nose... I hope it works for you thought mate.
  9. TrentAH

    43 Y/o Male Needs Your Help!

    Ive tried so many products, pills, creams, lotions, scrubs.... microdermabrasion, IPL, laser, nbothing has helped me and cause I have squeezed my blackheads, my nose is covered in huge ugly pores... Ive eaten healthy and cut out bread, dairy, gone gluten free, but its not helped much..less zits but still loads of whiteheads and blackheads. Its tough Hang in there guys.
  10. I really dont want to go on that, I went to three derms and they wouldnt put me on it. I amgoing to get a Jungle Brew peel done in the next month and hope that helps me... Good luck with your journey.
  11. I am 32 and get loads of whiteheads and blackheads on my nose, on the sides of my nose, basically the t zone. I am using oats, grinded down as a scrub and thats. What do the Acne.org uses use, for those who get whiteheads and blackheads??
  12. Its hard isnt it, you think its like a disease for teens, and you hear teens with it being told oh youll grow out of it, but sadly some of us dont grow out of it..... it can really stuff up your life, I guess I have aloud it to rule me but still it sucks and is hard to deal with.
  13. Ive had acne from 14- 32 and it has ruined my life, I guess in a way I have aloud it too...still, its hard, big hugs coming your way!
  14. TrentAH

    "open Pores"

    Retin a did nothing for my large open pores.. I am thinking about going to a dr and getting a peel done.
  15. Im trying to stop taking all the vitamins I have been taking for years , because they arent working to rid my acne, and have started eating healthier foods, fruit n veg that contain all the good vitamins that are suppose to help rid acne.