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  1. Thanks for sharing your advice! Is salycilic acid considered an exfoliant because I have started using it on my nose. Have any of you guys had them professionally extracted? Does it leave holes regardless of how carefully the extractions are done? Also, how long do you guys leave your blackheads alone? I think I've had these blackheads for months now; is that bad?
  2. I've been breaking out in blackheads on my nose and cheeks all of a sudden and normally I wouldn't bother with the tiny things but I've heard that they can scar too? I definitely do not want dozens of little holes left in my face. I'm saving up to get them extracted with an esthetician but in the meantime what should I do to keep them from getting bigger? How long can I keep the blackheads on my face without the pore becoming permanently enlarged?
  3. Bump...anyone with facial/extractions experience?
  4. I've just broken out in a bunch of blackheads all over my nose. They are steadily growing and I'm concerned because my blackheads sometimes leave scars. I want to get a facial where they can be extracted but I've never had one before and don't know how well it goes. Is it safe to have blackheads extracted by someone in a salon? Will they be extracted without scarring or is there no way to prevent those little holes? Also, what's the average cost of a facial + extractions? There's a place where i
  5. I too have been noticing tiny hairs on the blackheads and pores on my nose! No clue what to do about it though.
  6. I've heard subcision is more for boxcar/rolling scars. TCA sounds like its the best bet.
  7. Problems from dermabrasion tend to be because the doctor goes too deep right? The doctor I researched does dermabrasion for wrinkles a lot, and I know acne scars are deeper, but mine aren't too deep. I was thinking I'd tell him to take it easy and see how it goes, just doing several light treatments instead of one deep. What are some other common horror stories? Like common bad side effects. I heard it can cause scarring but what does the resulting scar look like? I really hate these holes on my
  8. How long have you been using it? Retin a sloughs off your skin faster, which causes it to reveal more acne (that would have come anyway). I broke out horridly too, around the three month mark, but it'll pass.
  9. Thanks for your progress update! Besides the red marks, did the peel help soften any actual scars you may have had? Does it stimulate collagen production?
  10. I have typical red and brown marks from acne and some little icepicks (they dont seem that deep) on my cheeks. Would several microdermabrasions or a couple vitalize peels help me more? Does the vitalize peel have bad effects on dark skin? And does it stimulate collage production so maybe my icepicks/shallow dents might be improved?
  11. Right so. I have some ugly scars on my nose. I've been researching dermabrasion and since my scars are at most moderate I think it will probably give me great results. However, I've heard good and bad about dermabrading the nose. Some say the skin is too thin there, or that it heals differently. Others say it heals much better and is perfectly fine. Any thoughts? Also if anyone has been to the Orange County Cosmetic Surgery in Newport Beach, let me know if the doctor knows what he's doing! He
  12. It took me a couple weeks for the peeling to stop. Moisturizing really helps keep it down though. I'm intriuged that it may help small icepicks. I have a few icepicks on my cheeks which I assume are not too deep because they occured from pretty small blemishes. I'm putting some retin a in them every night now. Hopefully it helps at least a little.
  13. I'm wondering how do you tell how deep an icepick is? Is it the wider the icepick on the surface, the deeper, or is the depth based on the severity of the blemish that caused it? My icepicks are quite tiny on the surface, caused by little pustules. Do you think they're very deep? I'm trying to figure out what treatment would be best for my icepicks on my cheek but it depends on how deep they are right? Also, how do you avoid icepick scars? What causes you guys's icepicks? Mine occured even thoug
  14. Hello! My acne is thankfully being quite calm right now-still there, but much meeker. It's left my face looking a mess though, with red marks and shallow scars all over my cheeks. I've been thinking of microdermabrasions as a way to clear it all up. My issues consist of red marks from pimples, red marks embedded in some shallow scars, small icepicks, and tiny nicks here and there. I'm aware that microdermabrasions won't help with actual scars, but I want to know from people who've done it, how
  15. They might, but unfortunately I don't feel comfortable having things injected into my skin. It just creeps me out and they have to be constantly refilled. I'm looking for a more permanent solution I suppose, something that will cause the skin to heal itself for good.