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  1. Oh no I am sorry I just started my 3rd month yesterday and boy was the end of month 2 hard for me!! Maybe we just got our IB's later in treatment? Here I was all happy thinking I was one of the lucky few who didn't get an IB, WRONG. Went to the derm yesterday tho and he went thru and popped a lot of my under the skin ones so my skin looks so how kinda better? Idk! I was horrible the last week tho! Luckily we are getting far enough in treatment that it's closer to the end! Keep your head up, it
  2. DarkKnight, You just freaking made my day!! Thanks so much for such a positive outlook, you are right things could always be worse! At least it's not summer and by summer I will have clear skin! You rock and thanks for the positive comments and letting me know about drinking!!
  3. WEEK 7 So I have been on the rotating 40 mg then 80 mg every other day routine and let me just say that NOW I think I am getting my IB. So much for saying I was pretty much happy with my skin last week. My skin is SO bad right now, and any pimple I get is SUPER painful and a lot of cystic stuff, which is probably just because the MUCH higher mg's is really kicking my skins butt. It's really hard right now though, I don't want anyone to see my face without makeup, nor with makeup at this poin
  4. WEEK 6 OK! Since it took forever to get my pills I am 1 week behind treatment, that's why I am only at week 6... Sorry guys I really suck at this whole posting every week thing. I think the overall excitement of the treatment has worn off for me at this point and I am just counting down the days until I am off the treatment. I don't have any BAD side effects all at, just counting down until I have clear skin, pretty much haha. Still my only side effect is drier lips, (not bad though, I just
  5. ​MIDWEEK UPDATE (FEMALE FUTURE 'TANE USERS READ THIS!!) Here is a quick little update that I just wanted to let females that are going to do Accutane know about... iPledge sucks and is almost ridiculous. I understand why they do it, but holy cow it has been HELL to get my second months worth of pills. I am currently on day 5 without taking any pills because it's been so difficult. I started my treatment a week and a half after I told my doctor I was going to because I wanted to finish my last t
  6. Really?? Thats horrible! I'm glad I am not that dry! And yeah I am completely out, I took my last pill saturday night... LUCKILY I flipped a bitch and called them again and they got me in yesterday... I was supposed to get my new pills yesterday but they forgot to update my iPledge system, that thing is BULL SHIT. You're so lucky you're a guy and don't have to deal with that. HOPEFULLY I can get ahold of them today and have them put in my test so I can go get my pills... OH! He also upped me to
  7. DAY 31 Sorry I haven't updated in so long! Been so busy with Thanksgiving and what not. All I am going to say is how frustrated with my doctor I am...I had my first appointment and it took 2 seconds and he said that he bets by our second visit I will see huge improvements in my skin... well they never told me I have to have my RX filled within 7 days of my appointment so now I have to wait until DECEMBER 18th to get my RX filled... I'm so mad. Especially because I feel like I hit my IB and m
  8. I think you're just starting your IB. Enjoy it haha. Also, your lion tat is magestic as fuck. You think!? I haven't noticed anymore acne? Actually a lot of it isn't even active anymore. Today is the first time I have worn makeup in a week and I'm def feeling the dryness.. But I didn't really moisturize before hand because it usually makes me SUPER oily with my makeup. So not to self, always moisturize now haha and thank you "magestic as fuck" is what I was going for
  9. DAY 14 Well week 2 down, like 18 more to go... if you say it like that it's quite depressing haha anyway... So far on Accutane my journey hasn't been that bad. Yes I still do have acne BUT I feel like its minimized since I first started my treatment. If anything it's my own fault that my acne looks worse because I CAN NOT stand white heads so I pop them and make them look more red, don't worry I soak them and such before doing so. (Still I know, not a good thing.) I have noticed the same amoun
  10. Awesome we will finish the same time!! Summer is going to be AMAZING!! I actually was thinking about that the other day haha BUT that's really strange that he was like "Here's 90 days worth, see ya later." I think you're supposed to get a blood test every month? Idk tho, my first derm app is Monday I half hope we ups my dose so that it just clears sooner, but at the same time I hope he doesn't because I don't want a BAD IB and for my symptoms to get worse because right now they are for sure liv
  11. Yep just on their way out! I have noticed some bigger ones on me as well, but its kinda cool because I have those few spots but everywhere else already looks better! (in my mind at least, who knows) I have 1 friend that said she didn't even get her IB until like week 3, but then again its a 50/50 chance you will even get an IB. For me my face now isn't worse than it was before I started, probably more cystic BUT I think its because I had a lot of lurking around under the skin stuff that my skin
  12. Thanks! Yes I have for sure been optimistic! Maybe thats why I haven't noticed symptoms? I sometimes forget I'm even on it haha... So far I have only really noticed dry lips, but its not even that bad. I am just sure to ALWAYS be putting Aquaphor on them. I kinda noticed a lil bit of face redness today but that could have been because I was at the gym too haha and I also may have noticed some lower back pain sometimes (most relevant was last night when I laid down in my bed, but yet again it cou
  13. YAY!! Congrats, I started mine Nov 7th so just a little bit ahead of you, we are in for a journey but I am ready for April to be here! I just want clear skin already! I will keep in touch and good luck, keep smiling is right !!
  14. Nope nothing when it comes to dryness on my face... Maybe oilier because I do apply Cetaphil moisturizer morning and night just to prevent dryness. But it's kinda crazy, I was expecting to be as dry and dry by now? That is great! I feel the same, like I am getting small breakouts but I know they are on their way out so I'm like GOOD be GONE!! I'm the worst at keeping my hands off, mostly with the white heads too.. I started my course Nov 7th So this Thursday will be my second week.. haha I hate
  15. Ok I spoke too soon on face getting better I think haha.... no overall face dryness tho?? Weird!! I apply aquaphor on my lips like no ones buisness tho because I can NOT stand dry lips... just trying to prevent! I can't believe you are already feeling the dryness! Funny how the drug effect people different