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  1. Which site did you order your Diacneal from?
  2. Anyone know which shop to get this from? I live in the UK and have tried Boots but havent seen it there.
  3. What type of exfoliator do you recommend? Prefably the one you were using in your reigmen.
  4. What glycolic cleanser do you use? Thinking of getting one for my red marks...
  5. On Tuesday I'm going to have a fascial done but did it make anyones acne worse or does it make your skin soft and smooth? I'm really worried because I dont want to look like a freak the next day.
  6. I've been trying to find this produt as I've heard quite good results from this. Which store did you get this from?
  7. Nope. I just sorta ignored the comment and went upstairs. I should explain to her how I feel about my acne but I dont think she would really understand. It's hard being the only child with acne. It's like what did I do to deserve this curse.
  8. I'm kinda annoyed and bloody upset, I know family don't mean to say those things about your acne and that, they just say the wrong thing but bloody hell it annoys me so much. Why dont they just keep there mouths shut. Well basically my nan came to my house and called me downstairs. I actually thought today my acne was looking a bit better but noo family have to spoil you good days, eh. So yeah I went downstairs and my nan took one look at the side of my cheek and said. "Where did you get those
  9. Hmm..not too sure on that. What store did you get the glycolic acid mask?
  10. Where can you get B5 from? Do you have to get it prescribed to you by your GP or can you buy it from a health store or something?
  11. I didn't really have one but i suppose this is what i did:- 1.) Took Roaccutane in morning 2.) Exfoliated skin 3.) Put on eucerin dry skin (5%urea) moisturiser 4.) Put on make up 5.) Washed makep off with soap at end of day 6.) Put on eucerin (5%urea) night cream Thats it. :D You said that you exfoliated whilst on tane, did you exfoliate using the exfoliation brush or something else?
  12. Hi, just wondering if anoyone knows if any of these products are avaliable in the UK: Neosporin Green Cream Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar Soap
  13. Actually, yes. Here's mine. (I think I may have just posted the same info to another thread you were on!) Green Cream There are Green Cream threads in the OTC and Red Marks forums right now, plus I've been keeping a regimen log since I started with it (see link in my signature). Lots of good info there, and you are more than welcome to PM me if you have questions. Q Do you know if Green Cream is here in the UK? I think I would like to give it a try.
  14. I'm not sure I remember someone saying that eating loads of peanuts help fade red marks. But again not too sure if thats true.