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  1. its in the middle of the forehead. but thanks anywayzz ill try the iceee
  2. Ive been going to the derm. and she gave me this face wash and cream to use everyday and i've been using it EVERYDAY! my mother has said my acne looks better but randomly this zit pops up!?!?!?!? confused. does ice really help it??
  3. Omg i woke up and this huge zit was on my forehead. It's big & red. but it has like a hole in the center and it hurts like hell. Omg. any ideas people?? I want to get rid of it.
  4. did it seriously die your eyebrows white?!??!?!?! cuz i have that stuff!!! OMG
  5. i use this http://img.epinions.com/images/opti/43/63/...-resized200.jpg and was wondering if the product has done anything good for anybody else. I use it twice a day one in the morning & one at night when i shower.
  6. I'm sooo sick of acne i just want to give up. My skin is sooo ugly and unclean and always has pimples everywhere. I can't stand it anymore. I'm sooo embarassed about it. It's holding me back from a lot of things. I dont know what to do i've basically tried everything! (or so everybody says) Please help me.
  7. So is there like any place i can get a free sample of head N shoulders classic clean?!?!?!!?
  8. What is jojob oil or however its spelt??!!? i'm inteerested
  9. YES it does dry up the face A LOT but it gets rid of grease. Is it bad for the face & bad to use?
  10. Someone posted something about headnshoulders shamppooo working... does it?