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  1. I've had Dermatologists tell me that if there is ACTIVE acne under scar tissue it can be billed to an insurance company...true or not?..I haven't tested the theory.
  2. it's ok, Maya ...its been an interesting read.. I agree with what someone posted earlier about how bad they are scarred now compared to when it first started happening... They said they felt insecure about them even when they were not so many and not so bad. I still remember when my face was pretty much perfectly clear except for a few blackheads that kept returning(the begining of my problems), I was insecure about them then...probably even more then I am now because I've had years to gradu
  3. lol @ me being James:) I wish I was....I would buy an Island somewhere....ahhhhhhhhh. What kind of music do you play KJ?
  4. I've certainly entertained the idea once or twice myself... What you have to realise is there are no guarantees that there is anything over on the other side... until you figure out what to do, just be around people you are comfortable with or simply get to know yourself better. I started playing guitar and writing songs when I was 20..it can be a great release
  5. Thats me....not much fun to look at. ..I need a drink.
  6. benisback, Most of my acne occured in areas of my face that would have been my bearded area, but hair wont grow through the scars (perhaps that is mother natures final act of cruelty) so i have a patchy beard at best when I grow one. Hair will grow about 2-3 inches down my neck though, so my point was that maybe if they cut my scars out, they could pull skin up from my neck and make it part of my face(at least then I could grow a full beard and hide the surgical scar
  7. sad thing is..i'll be 73 in 40 years. Oh well. I found what seems to be a good plastic surgeon in Daytona, i'm only an hour south of him. He seems to be the only one on this side of Florida that does any of the more invasive or advanced scar removal procedures. I think from what I have read , I will need to have the scars removed and the skin sewn back shut. Maybe they could pull my beard line up from my neck..lol.
  8. If you REALLY want to help...give ONE person who is a longtime member of this board a free shot at it ( the rest of us wont get pissed)...then, after that person confirms it works...you will have probably thousands of new customers... if you are being honest, this will make good business sense to you.
  9. With the boob thing, I guess my point was that you could (in theory), have a prostetic...look normal, meet someone who finds you attractive, you both fall in love, then, when its time to hit the sack, you tell him you have a prostetic...well, he's gotten to know you first, HE'S ALREADY IN LOVE!! he wont dump you now!!! On the other hand, if you met someone you liked and you have ACNE real bad or scars...chances are they will never even give you a shot at getting to know them or them knowing
  10. Thanks everyone for making me feel welcome. Its nice to actually interact with people who have some of the same problems I do, on a level such as this. I don't know about the rest of you guys but I feel like,(without sounding too corny) in a way we are all heroes here. We have endured absolute emotional torture that in my opinion can only be equaled by the most severly disfiguring diseases and conditions. There are alot of very pretty people in the world who would probably go through with th