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  1. tzone tea tree oil. it dries my small spots up fast and is also fast drying and doesnt leave any residue so i can wear it under makeup. my fave by far
  2. i have been eating a carrot a day, and this along with drinking green tea and lemon water and taking cod liver oil and evening primrose oil daily has REALLY helped my skin. i read about a connection with forehead acne and carrots so started eating one a day and my forehead has never been so smooth (just one whitehead at the moment) so i plan to keep going and hopefully see more results!
  3. i came off the pill in novemeber and broke out really bad. it has settled down somewhat but i still get a good few spots, its mostly hormonal acne around my mouth and jaw which is understandably as my body is trying to adjust after pill. im also thinking about going back on it, but i worry about the whole cycle starting all over again and il just breakout just as bad next time i come off it. iv heard it can take up to 10 mths until your body settles down after coming off it..... id love it to j
  4. i was put on yasmin so i could come off dianette and i broke out like never before all along my jaw and chin, always just had acne on my forehead. stayed on it for just over 6 mths then decided to come off because it was doing nothing for my skin, prehaps making it worse and i didnt want to be on the pill if it wasnt helping me. 3 mths on im my chin and jaw are still breaking out, not as bad as it was but still very persistant. but this was just my experience and as achick said, it effects eve
  5. why not on an empty stomach? what will happen? i thought it would be better to cleanse and all that...
  6. do you drink it with hot or cold water? and how much lemon do you use? id apreciate any responses!
  7. Here are 2 sites that can help you with cosmetic ingredients - http://www.zerozits.com/Articles/acnedetect.htm http://www.cosmeticscop.com/learn/dictionary.asp?TYPE=MAIN And this one can help you with food ingredients - http://allallergy.net/databases/index.cfm You can try to go over what you eat and what contacts your skin, and eliminate one by one the things you think could be causing the most problems, and see what happens. Hope you can figure it out :angel: those links ar
  8. i have constant mild to most moderate breakouts so how am i supposed to know if a product or food is making it worse! i started using olay complete moisturizer (sensitive) last week, and my skin has exploded. trouble is i dont know if its the moisturizer thats causing it or just my skin being annoying as usual! i wonder if its the spf in it.....
  9. When you say you gained a stone...what does that mean? a pound? 10pounds? Good luck a stone is equal to 14 pounds, so gaining a stone and a half was a LOT in such a short period of 3 mths and a huge shock the system. what is Spironolactone? an antibiotic? iv never heard of it. im from ireland
  10. thanks for the advice...hmmm im still so unsure. i feel more confident in myself when im off it but just looking at the state of my face brings me so down. and while i was on the pill i obsessed over my weight gain and it made me so moody. its a vicious circle! happy bday willow!
  11. had the worst skin of my life at 18 and after years of different topicals and antibotics was finally but on dianette by my derm at 19. put on a stone and a half in 3 mths and huge water retention in my belly, looked like i was pregnant! but had been very skinny before and my skin cleared up amazingly that i didnt mind. after about a year it stopped working and my skin, although not as bad as it had been, got pretty awful. also my mom noticed a huge change in my mood and personality, became so d
  12. im on my second week using skinoren and although i think its kinda working, it stills burns and itches like crazy for the first 20 or so mins after i apply it. will my skin get used to it? its also making my skin a little dry. has anyone tried using a moisturizer with this or will that clog up my pores?