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  1. I joined this website a couple months back because I was obsessed with my acne and just wanted to express my feelings to people who could relate and help. Never have I met such kind people who were there when I felt lost and hopeless. With this website I got the courage to visit a dermatologist for the first time and get prescribed a life changing medicine that I could possibly say "saved my life". I want to thank you all in acne.org for being amazing people and to keep up the good work.
  2. Well, so far things are going great but i cant lower my tryglecerites so i cant be bumped up to 80 mg which sucks. I began seeing imprivemnt within the first two weeks if thats hard to believe. Sorry for the shitty photos, but you can defenetly see an improvent if you go to my gallery
  3. So ive been on accutane for a little bit over a month now and today ive been experiencing shot memory loss. Its happened to me like 10 times today. Ive tried starting a conversation with a friend then i just forget what i was going to say then i was going to look up a video on youtube and i forgot what i was going to look up. Im terrified right now and i dont know what to do and just as i was writing this post i forgot what i was going to put as the topic tittle. Im only 15. 40mg please respond
  4. Well, it's been one month sort of. I see improvement and I'm 80% sure I've went through the IB already. But why am I seeing improvement so early? I read other people's story and they don't see improvement until like month 3 or something but I began in day 25ish I hope y'all don't see this as me bragging but I'm a bit worried. I'm trying to upload pics but it's not letting me. I will try again in a couple hours
  5. the first day i took accutane my skin was the driest it has ever been, i woke up to find ashiness all over my bed and not even a shower couldnt wash it away. It was awful
  6. I already know about the IB while on accutane, i just have a few questions. How do i know i started the IB (like signs) and how long does it usually last. Im on week one and im already breaking out, is this just coincidence or the IB?
  7. Well, every day it feels like people are staring at my face and i just cannot stop thinking about it. I stress so much even in good situations. Is there a way/advice to cope with acne? Please.... I hate like im begging for attention but at rare occasions i just feel like pushing everyone aside and be alone and never talk to anyone again, not even my own family who love me no matter what....
  8. User360044

    Accutane Journey

    Well, what the title says
  9. Try Cicraticure. Helps remove scars or acne scars in this case. They sell it in Walgreens and works great for my friend who use to have acne.
  10. #Firstdayofaccutaneselfie. 40mg a day for 2 months then 80mg for 4. Wish me luck!
  11. Hello, (sigh). I have acne otherwise i wouldnt be here. Acne makes me feel like shit, there some people who bring up the acne but dont mean it in a bad way and say stuff like "dude, you have bad acne bro" but then theres others like this one asshole everyone finds annoying. Me just trying to be friendly i spark up a conversation, he later tells me "dude get proactiv, your face is disgusting"and i just reply "thanks bro" in a really sad voice. I wanted to beat the shit out of him, but i stopped m
  12. Well, this is it. In two days. I start my accutane journey. These are pictures before i start the medication. I will update once a week. Wish me luck . Also my acne looks way worse irl