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  1. I just wanted to share my positive experience when shipping these products to Canada. I am so impressed, I had purchased the 8 oz. AHA+ along with the 16 oz. Cleanser and had gotten it within 9 days!!! I am excited by this because I chose the 2-6 week option and was expecting on waiting at least a month to receive them. When first starting the regimen I picked the most expensive option, this resulted a wait of 4 days and a charge at the door as well. I will definitely be picking the 2-6 weeks fr
  2. I am about to start the regimen and need help choosing a high end foundation. Drug store foundations often lead to bad break outs for me. I have narrowed it down to several options that are specified for sensitive skin. I have read that you should avoid foundations including a high amount of alcohol, do you agree? Some of foundations include dior skin nude and lancome tient miracle. Even though I'd like to try these foundations I've found some alternatives such as tarte amazonian clay, hourglass