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  1. How long do you give OTC products to work on your acne? I know you should probably give them a few weeks befire seening a diffrence but I'm so inpatient that I only give it a few days then I buy something new. Please let me what what you guys do. thanks
  2. I just bought it yestersday and tried it out. It does bronze your face, but when you wash your face it comes off. And I don't notice a tan, at least not yet. and so far no breakouts. I'm going to use to again to see more of a diffrence.
  3. I've been very lucky with Tea Tree Oil; The Body Shop brand. I'll use it the morning and the evening and it really helps without drying out the skin.
  4. I've used both Oxy 10 and Clearsil Ultra and regular Clearsil. I've noticed the best results with Clearasil products. For me they bring my pimples to a surface alot faster and gentler. It can overdry your face, but just don't use alot of it.
  5. What is the name of this soap and what store did you find it at? Do they have a website?
  6. I like The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil and I love it. I don't dilute and use just the way it comes. And it really works on my pimples without drying them out.
  7. After trying a slew of face washes with minimal results, I've come across the regular Dove bar of soap. I've been using for 3 days now and my face no new pimples and my skin is super soft and the few pimples I do have are much smaller now. You can find Dove everywhere and its super cheap. I'm very impressed with the results from it.
  8. I live in Chicago where the weather is always changing. Now thats its colder outisde, my face tends to be a little more drier, but I notice my face doesn't break out as often. I still get my monthly pimples,but besides those their not too bad. But during the summer, my face breakouts all the time and is always oily during the warmer months.
  9. Visine has never worked for me to get the reddness out of my pimples. I even tried to freeze a spoonful of Visine and place it on the pimple and still didn't work for me.
  10. eucerin Renewal made my face too oily. It never made me breakout, but the excess oil was too much to deal with everyday.
  11. It's ok to sleep on your cheek (on your side) just as long you change your pillowcase everyday. Once I started changing them everyday, my breakouts became much less on my cheeks.
  12. A good moisuritizer is key to preventing red/itchy skin. I've been there; face all red and blotchy. What I did was wash my face with Dove or Cetaphil (neither make me breakout and are very gentle). And use a moisurtizer day and night and only use a pimple cream at night and slowly build up when your skin can tolerate more of the product. Less is definatly more when it comes to getting rid of acne.
  13. I've tried drinking Green Tea everyday, hoping to see a diffrence in my skin and it seemed to make my skin breakout more. Granted, I only did this for about 1 week at time. Maybe it was supposed to happen like that, but I didn't want to continue the regiman and find out the hard way.
  14. I've recently started using Dove's Sensative Essentials Day Lotion. It works relly well getting rid of the flaking caused by acne products and a bigger plus is that it doesn't cause any breakouts.
  15. I've done this by adding The Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil to my moisturizer with 2% salycidic acid and it really works great. But you have to do it regularly to see results.