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  1. So glad to see you! Keep that chin up...you WILL be clear. I think you are great! Have a safe trip to SK... K
  2. Thanks for all the sweet replys, guys! I haven't written in a while because I have been super frustrated and I didn't really feel like rehashing it all every day. Boooooooooooorrring. I had another IB when I started name brand Accutane. It lasted 3 weeks and I am still paying the price with red spots. I was originally only gonna be on this stuff for about 4 months, but my derm extended it to 5 so I could have another month on the real thing. I am just now starteing to clear up a littl
  3. So glad to see you back! I was worried about you! (Remember me? I'm "that lady" ????? Sounds like you are having a blast. I would just enjoy your friends and have FUN! I had a steady BF all through Junior and senior year and til I graduated from college....did everything with him...he was my best friend. But...then we broke up. Booooo. I missed so much during my prime FUN years! Catch ya later, Alligator. Oh, and stay away from alligators, come to think of it.
  4. Hey girl! You are looking beautiful! I haven't been around much but I wanted to drop in and ask you a question. I heard you say somewhere that body acne takes longer to heal than face acne on tane. Who told you that and do you know any details? Just wondering. Seems like my arms are never gonna get better! Wish you the best! Love ya K
  5. No. I DON'T have the chicken pox. I just LOOK like I do. I was hoping my name wouldn't fit me by now. Bummer. I definately think I am experiencing a 2nd IB. Not as bad as the first, but similar and in all the same spots. Oh, and my lips are waaaay dryer than before. Accutane may very well be a bit stronger? We shall see. Otherwise, life is good! Gotta get to bed.
  6. Hey Henry! It's "that lady from your log"....how the heck are ya? You look sooooooooooooooooo cute and Nicole is just precious! Oh, and who's to say that you have CONTROL over falling in love? I sure hope everything works out for you, but never fear...you have your whole life in front of you. Glad to see you doing well, even thought they had to cut your toes off. Told ya so. (Just kidding)
  7. Hello dear friends! I have been soooo busy lately. Today my daughter graduated from pre-school....sniff sniff...I can't believe how fast she is growing up! She got to recite "Little Miss Muffet" on stage and was sooooo cute. I just adore my baby girl. My face is a mess. I started "real" accutane this week and I have had a really BAD 2ND initial break-out. I think it's good in a way, but I am so bummed to have skin back to it's normal yucky self. Hopefully accutane will really kick i
  8. Mmmmmmmm. I just ate a bologna sandwich. Actually 2. Mmmmmmm. Life is good. Thanks for all your support, guys. I really am fine, just frustrated. I have so much to be thankful for. I shouldn't complain. I just had such high hopes. I'm not giving up yet!! You all are so sweet!
  9. Somebody Pleeeeeease cut my hands off! If I didn't have them, I might accutally have clear skin!! Why am I such a self-injurous freak????
  10. Thanks, guys, for all your support! Boy was I a PMS disaster this week!! I feel a little less grumpy today but my face is still blotchy and gross. Oh well!! Life is good! I have two great children, a wonderful husband and a great little house. The only thing I am missing???? A bologne sandwich. I would give my right arm for one. Mmmm.
  11. Went to the derm Wed and she said that since my skin was soooooo fragile and bleeding when I washed it or scratched it, etc, she was bringing me back down to 40mg again. This time, however...she put me on the REAL thing, so we will see. I finally get real Accutane. Huh. Hope the lower dose isn't a bad thing. My face looks like pure dee CRAPOLA, my dear friends. I am a scabby, flakey, bumpy mess. It's all about my stupid time of the month. I told my doctor it was hormonal, but no one wo
  12. WILL YOU PLEEEEEEASE TAKE SOME ANTIBIOTICS FOR YOUR TOE BEFORE IT REALLY DOES FALL OFF??? You are gonna have clear skin and NO TOE. I KNOW you hate antibiotics, but seriously, come on!! Way to go with Nicole. Glad she sees the great guy we see!
  13. Oh my God, that is so funny! I just went back and read what I had written that and I was cracking up! Shame on me, I was an English major!! Haha I am also really worried about my PMS acne continuing after accutane. I tried to convice my derm to treat me for a hormonal imbalance, but she insisted this would be better. We'll see! I have a feeling I haven't seen the last of these zits. JOY. Today my face was horrible. THREE new ones. Ugh. Even my skin tone and texture is back to it's
  14. Well, I made it! I am back home and finally getting myself back together. Did laundry ALL DAY LONG. I really enjoyed myself and the kids had a blast! As for acne: Looked great when I first got there, but it got a little worse each day. I am never as good about washing my face and taking my meds when I am out of my element. I still got lots of compliments from cousins and my sister was really sweet and made a point to notice... Oh, and my parents were blown away. They have not seen me