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  1. Well when I didn't take it with food the nausea would last me around 30-45 minutes after initially taking the pill. Mine was described more or less as extreme stomach uneasiness like something was in my stomach that wanted to come up. I suggest take it after a meal that should help.
  2. I feel bad considering people who have much worse cases than me have trouble getting a hold of it. I just consider myself a guinea pig so if my liver explodes I can warn other people not to take it. ha
  3. I am a guy and I am seventeen years old. I have been on Accutane once over two years ago and it completely rid my face of acne. I had to stop short of two months on it because of severe back pain (i was powerlifting for my school) This time around my acne has come back. It is a mild case that flares up every now and then and it is quite bothersome. However I stress mild because they are mainly just white heads and small papules never cysts. My dermatologist tried me on pretty much every non-accu
  4. I find that doxycycline does a good job of keeping inflammation down in your face but doesnt dry it up at all. You will still see whiteheads and comoedones under the skin but they rarely get inflamed. However it does not prevent tiny breakouts on random portions of your face so I am still thinking about going on Accutane after a month.
  5. I have been using Provon for about 3 weeks due to this post and I have noticed little or no improvement at all. I have been using it in the morning and evening every single day with no results. This and benzyl peroxide cream have been doing nothing for me and its frustrating. Although it doesnt work I have expierenced no adverse reactions to the soap.