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  1. Does anyone have any pimples really close to their eyeball? Or on their ears for this matter... I'm really freaked out!
  2. Scarring blows. I have just recently cleared up and now am noticing these little holes in my skin:O! Oh well after all I've fucking been through I can stomach a tiny little hole. Now back to the real meat and potatoes of this post... I feel bad for the original poster. I think in our own way we all know how it feels to be desperate and lonely and fucking miserable (hormones BLOW). It sucks alot to have acne, but don't think that you are the only one with it. When I was in HS I worked my ass off
  3. I've been fairly clear for a while now. But the problem is so deeply routed in my nose that I get pimples all over my nose, inside my nostrils (well they are really small but they are still there) and it's very hard to be completely clear in my nose. It also becomes oily fairly easily, does anyone have any suggestions that may be different from just normal double 2.5% BP a day.
  4. thanks, i think i'm just going to wait until i'm at a more comfortable point in the relationship to deal with mypast aacne and some other stuff
  5. that's a tricky subject, she knows sort of that i had acne (but then again almost everyone has had some sort of acne) i want her to know how i feel about that but i don't want to whip out the picture book or anything. i don't think it's that easy to just explain to people who only know from their limited experiences with acne, which tell them hey if it worked for me it worked for anyone. i want to tell her about how seriously it affected me but i don't want to jeapordize our relationship yet.
  6. I've been clear for a while now, i had a bad experience in my late teens early twenties for about 5-6 years and I still have to stick with the regimen. Getting on with my point i was with my girlfriend and she has perfect skin, she can go a week without showering and have no problems at all. So I was walking to my car and we saw someone I know with very bad acne, (95+% of face covered) and he was crying on a bench. I went up to him to see if he was ok and he started going into a big spit about h
  7. I sort of have a simmilar story. I was fine (mild to no acne) all through highschool and then i went to Thailand and wham! came back with pretty bad cystic acne. I used the regimen and i'm alot better. I didn't think about it but it could have been the food besides the depression and squalid living environments
  8. Do A, C, E, B5, B6, pyriothione Zinc (Sp for sure on that one) and other vitamins work? If so it'd be nice to know which/how.
  9. I always seem to break out after an increase in sex or masterbation. This normally is not a problem seeing as I don't get laid more then like 4-5 times a year anyway, but yesterday I had an opportunity to and I tossed it down because I knew I had to get my photo ID taken for my Job. Am I a shitheaed or concerned "diseased" man ( I'm such a dipshit)
  10. I sort of have it like that. I know a kid who's perfectly fine acne-wise everywhere except for his nose. He just gets zits on his nose. It's a little eerie.
  11. I was looking at the box in grocery, and it seemed pretty good. I am mostly clear of acne (95+% clear) and now have oily skin, red marks and overall crappy skin. Does anyone use this stuff? If so, does it work as it claims it does?
  12. listen the only thing that deserves taking lives is lives taken so don't be a fool. violence is going to make things worse. I'd ignore, but i woulnd't ignore forever. you might have to fight them but stand your ground. ignore little stuff stand up for yourself though. everyone's got a weak spot so find his. NO VIOLENCE!
  13. well it's good your doing better. I'd watch facial scarring over back/shoulder scarring. do you use any topicals for back/shoulders? and hopefully accutane knocks that shit back to normal because that is crazy. show those pics to kids who want to take steroids!
  14. i really doubt it's the water.slight diet change. it's probably stress or something. sometimes zits have been in formation for a while and if you skip a method they go off. hope they clear up
  15. i tried popping this little thing i had on the inside of my nose (that's why i popped it:( thats a bad place to get things bigger) i sort of nicked the surface then soaked for like 5 minutes under pretty hot water. then i BPed and stuff. it worked fairly well so i was wondering does soaking help with oiliness and or pus or does it just exfoliate?