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  1. I GUARANTEE. Your a mouth breather. The right cheek is directly correlated to the lung ( look up acne face mapping). Breathing through the mouth is hard for your lungs because your nose purifies the air, removes dust,debris, bacteria and other stuff ya dont want in your lungs. Last night i came across this topic of " mouth breathing vs nose breathing" and have been breathing strictly thrrough my nose for days. Nose breathing gets more oxygen to your blood vessels, cappillaries, especialy the one
  2. Cure to cheek acne: breathing through the nose. Go on google and type: nose breathing vs mouth breathing, or anything about the too, and youll realise something as simple as your breathing can effect your acne (facial complexion). Also look up acne face mapping, and chinese face mapping for acne. Youll realise that it makes total sense, and the chemicals, lotions, creams and such are completely useless and harm the body. Its all a scam to make billions of dollars to support our bull**** governme
  3. jakeeeee

    Cheek Acne Cure.

    Alright people, im an 18 year old male and over the last few years ive been dealing with moderate acne, i get the odd one in different places but i always seem to have a ton, on my CHEEKS. Primarily THE RIGHT cheek. I believe i have found the cure and it is so simple im dumbfounded. They say the cheeks ( on your face of course lol) primarily the right one, is correlated to your lungs. Ive noticed that im always breathing through the mouth, which is NOT healthy for lungs. Breathing throuh the n