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  1. go to boots and buy it, they normally have it where all the other soap bars are ie. for hands etc. I had to ask someone where it was, i didnt figure it would be with all the soaps (thought it would be with cleansers) duh
  2. just my skin feels a bit dry, and maybe if i use a decent cleansing bar or something it may sort that out. Because when i used to use other products i never had dry skin...i used to use simple products. I may start again.
  3. Hi, i have a few red marks that have been on my face for a while. No new spots are forming or anything on the red marks, so should i be bothered with using a proper cleanser (im currently using the shitty proactiv one, i rub the cleanser in my hands and put it on and only a small bit aswell) as im thinking that these are going to clear up in time anyway......i think i may get a cleansing bar or wash. Theres one with called Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Wash and it has Salicylic Acid in it...is th
  4. is b5 only good for active acne? will it help heal red marks??
  5. hehe im naturally tanned, so i havent noticed anymore tanning. I bought that moistruriser today, ill see how it goes. The tube seems quite small for 7 quid. I got protective day cream, probably the same as the lotion. Its spf 15, intense moisturisation. (for dry sensitive skin)
  6. is it ok to use the day loition at night? i feel stupid asking that, im sure it doesnt matter, its not like it matters i think....e45 has made my skin free of dryness but it feels a hell of a lot more itchy i dunno why, i dont have a single spot on my face but i had a few red marks by the side of my nose on both sides, which are nearly faded. They have gone a bit redder with the e45, will stop using it now. This is so annoying i cant seem to find a decent moistrurizer, the nivea visage does fuc
  7. thanks a lot guys, i put some e45 cream on (really good for excema and just general dry skin) and it seems to have done a good job. Its hypoallergenic, and i used to use it a lot when i was younger. I just get paranoid now what i use on my face even though i didnt realy have an acne problem. Im gonna switch back to my nivea visage oil free liquid after e45 has just sorted out my dry skin....that shouldnt be a problem right?
  8. i basically want a non - comedengenic, fragrence free moistruriser....
  9. Hi, im virtually clear and everything but i have been using nivea visage oil free fluid and its not doing a very good job, i have a bit of dry skin. Any suggestions on what i should use, i was thinking of putting on some E45 cream, but is it non comodengenic n shit? or what else is there to use? (sorry to post this twice, i posted it in the wrong forum before)
  10. Hi, i have been using this for a few months now and its not really doing a great job at the moment. I have a couple of dry patches, i was thinking of putting on some e45 cream on those dry patches and then using nivea on the rest or should i just switch to e45 and use that from now on? is e45 non comoedegenic n shit? thanks. (btw im virtually clear, dont get spots anymore)
  11. personally it has worked for me (i dont get acne anymore, but the only reason i did before was because of my own stupidness, i made it slightly worse that it was anyway) I have been on it for nearly 3 months (id say it takes about 2 - 3 months to work) and i dont really get any spots and if i feel something coming, normally its very tiny, it will go after a few days without even turning into a spot. I only apply the BP at night and i dont use much of that cleanser and toner. I used the cleanser
  12. dont wear make up man, well...dont use foundation. I fucked my skin up with foundation i started out with literally one small spots here and there last year in march and i decided id cover them up with foundation, i did this every day for fucking months because i was now scared what people at college would think without it (even though my skin wasnt that bad at all). Now i have stopped because i realised the only reason i ever got spots was because of the fucking foundation!!!!! hah i guess we l
  13. Hi, ive been on proactiv for nearly 3 months now and my acne has stopped, i dont get any more spots or anything but i have a few really stubborn pale red marks which just wont go away, sometimes they are kinda fading and then sometimes they look normal. Maybe i should try a new cleanser, any suggestions?