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  1. Its inspiring to hear words that are positive, thanks:) Your cool for reals.

  2. Believe me, I've had it pretty bad in the acne department. So bad I've cried. So bad people have commented on it. So bad that I swore I'd never touch my face again. So bad that I felt terrible every time I ate junk food or drank soft drink. So bad I would exfoliate every night in an attempt to 'unclog my pores'. So bad that I never wanted to be in a photo. So bad that I would cringe when I saw a photo that I didn't want to be in. So bad I wore make up anywhere in public. So bad that my confiden
  3. I have a lot of sex with my girlfriend and no, it has never affected me.
  4. Day 208 The beginning of the end? One repeat, give or take, left. That's about 90 capsules, including the ones I have left in this box. At 3 caps a day, that equates to a month. I've been pretty slack with my tane dosage. I'll often go for a couple of days without taking any at all. How's my skin? Pretty damn good, apart from some red marks and scarring. I don't get really any pimples at all any more, except for some occasional ones on my thighs and pectorals. For anyone who is thinking, or
  5. Day 160 Well I haven't updated this in a while, but here goes. Tane has started to take a toll on my lifestyle so much that I'm thinking of finishing now, rather than continuing for about another month which I have left on my Rx. I've been feeling nausea etc every time I eat, and consequently I have a loss of appetite. It is not uncommon for me to eat only one small meal a day, which is ridiculous for a man of my height and stature. My sleeping patterns have also suffered as a result. Does
  6. yup same story with me! lol! not been kissed properly before! but 17 is stil young (i think) lol! jus waiting for the right boy!!!!! Hate to break it to all of you, but it isn't going to be as awesome as you might have it cracked up to be in your mind. Either that or you actually think that 'waiting' for a kiss (perhaps you are kidding yourself) makes you noteworthy? Not so. Edit: perhaps I should justify my thoughts. I think Laura at least you are a bit of a loser for not having ho
  7. Day 142 Well well well... Skin has been on the improvement (well red marks anyway) recently. I've been using more moisturiser than usual too because I got sunburnt the other day at the beach, and my back is peeling, and face is quite dry. I also got one nasty cyst which was painful and ugly on my upper cheekbone. I got a needle and popped it last night. It's just a red mark now. Not much longer left on tane I think...under two months. I have to say, all in all, this drug has been SO worth
  8. I haven't been to the gym since I started tane (now 140 days), I was exactly like you Rob. My cardio fitness has suffered considerably too.
  9. Look hit us with a PM if u want any advice, I can recommend some really good books which well help you heaps mate
  10. Look another of my boasting notes here. Overcoming the inbuilt shame of males getting chicks numbers is something that requires practise and the right mentality. I'd recommend to all of you out there buying and downloading Thundercat's eBook "The Art of Approaching". (http://www.thundercatseductionlair.com/2005/05/the_new_art_of_.html) It's a great read and seriously, I can get a number or email off virtually any girl now. Once you get the right mentality and practise, it's all good.
  11. Negative self-talk will kill any attraction because you don't appear confident anymore. BIG MISTAKE! That's like admitting "I'm a giant loser". Who cares if you have to lie, you certainly shouldn't have said that. Why on earth would you ask her? Always act like the target doesn't have a bf even if she does. Basically, if you want to know what I think...I'd advise the following: MOVE ON! *Next* Ya get me? There are plenty more fish in the sea, brother. But you r
  12. Look I'm going to be honest here: Having a girlfriend fuckin ROCKS! I hadn't had one for two years until just recently. Seriously, it's a great boost for your psyche, will help you de-stress, and the prospect of regular sex is awesome. Actually getting passionate with someone is so so so different from hooking up with someone randomly or some one night affair I've discovered. Relationships FTW! JUST FRIGGIN ASK SOMEONE OUT. Worst that can happen is that they REJECT you, well THAT'S THEIR L